BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions

BattleRise is a mobile fast-paced strategy game with RPG-style combat where players collect powerful champions and put them into epic turn-based battles.


BattleRise is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by SoDigital, Inc. In the Thousand Planes, where people engage in combat with the use of fantasy minifigures. The primary action in this game is turn based combat much like the classic Final Fantasy games. Players play to unlock and upgrade various champions, expand their collection, and complete all challenges that the game has to offer.

The world design consists of many elements that derive from various sources. In overall, the terms used are inspired by the Anglo-Saxon mythology and culture (both Pagan and early-Christian). While the reason behind the original conflict between the good and evil are based on dualistic beliefs of Indo-European peoples such as Manicheism or Zoroastrianism.


In a mysterious and grand world of fantasy, two primary forces of Lumen and Tenebris battled on a great scale to achieve total dominatiation. Lumen featured the beings who symbolised light, movement, harmony, morality and life. While Tenebris were the lords of darkness, stagnation, rivalry, sin, and death. It all began with the Primordial Clash, a battle for grounds, where both fractions were created. In retrospective, Tenebris used the means of deception that made Lumen to sacrifice themselves by breaking the structure of both forces. This desperate act led to the creation of time and reality, which formed as the Thousand Planes. Dimensions with unstable and chimeric structures, that brought disturbance to the balance of universe. Thereupon, from the darkness of that primal clash, something extraordinary emerged... a pure, stoic, cold, and emotionless force that strived to establish a new, absolute balance at all costs. It was called Entropy, a being with limitless power that created a Gate on the borders of Thousand Planes to stabilize the structure of universe. This has exhausted Entropy so much so that it fell into a deep and long sleep.

Shortly after, from the shreds of Lumen were created the beings of light called Redeemed - first humans, seraphims and children of nature. Meanwhile, the decaying bodies of Tenebris spawned fire and death creatures known as Sinners - undead, vampires, and demonic legion. Both resided in two neighboring dimensions, between which, the Gate stood open... This made their first contact possible, after which the two fought a great war that lasted for hundred of years, exhausting all the armies. The impaired Redeemed and Sinners were too weak to continue the conflict. It forced them to sign a non-aggression pact and close the Gate with mysterious artifacts, not knowing that they were left by their ancestors.

This solution proved to be surprisingly effective, as for many centuries no one has tried to break the Seal entirely. However, some cunning adventurers, bandits, and undead managed to find some gaps in the Gate’s mechanism, which allowed them to make it to the other side of the gate. These incidents, mostly in the form of attacks, forced the parties to crush any resistance as well as increase their watch over the Gate. Some more than others, as Redeemed spared intruders who posed no potential threat, while Sinners thrived in imprisoning anybody bold enough to step foot over the Gate.