Star Wars: Battlefront

A team-based multiplayer-focused first-person/third-person shooter focusing on large-scale infantry battles in the Star Wars universe.


Star Wars: Battlefront (not to be confused with the 2015 reboot of the same name) is a sci-fi fantasy team-based shooter developed by Pandemic and published by LucasArts for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC on September 21, 2004. It was later ported by Aspyr to the Mac on July 2005.

Based on the Star Wars sci-fi film series, Battlefront focuses on large-scale multiplayer-oriented two-team battles similar to the Battlefield series. It features numerous locales, characters, and weaponry from the series, and focuses on two separate conflicts: the Clone Wars (between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems) and the Galactic Civil War (between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire).

Like the Battlefield series, the game uses a character class system (with each faction having their own unique class) and numerous vehicles scattered throughout the battlefield (including agile speeder bikes and hulking AT walkers). The game can be played in first-person or third-person perspectives.

Along with the game's standard multiplayer (where up to 64 players can fight in the same battle, reduced to 32 for the Xbox version and 16 for the PS2 version), the game includes two single-player campaigns (each focusing on key battles from the series in a linear perspective) and a bonus Galactic Conquest mode (a one-on-one mode where players attempt to conquer the galaxy in a turn-based strategy fashion).

The game later received a sequel a year later, titled Star Wars: Battlefront II, and received several handheld-focused spin-offs. The series was later rebooted by DICE (the studio behind the Battlefield series) in 2015 as Star Wars Battlefront.


Battlefront includes only one game mode based on "Conquest" from the Battlefield series. Each team has a finite amount of Reinforcements, and must deplete the other team's Reinforcements to win (through both killing enemies and controlling the majority of Command Posts, or CPs, scattered throughout the battlefield).

Each battlefield has a certain amount of capturable CPs, which serve both as a spawn point for the controlling team and as a way to score points (as controlling double the amount of CPs as their enemy slowly deplete enemy Reinforcements). CPs can only be captured by standing near them for a short amount of time. Enemy CPs take longer to capture (as it must be brought back to its Neutral state beforehand). Enemy players can contest the capture of Neutral CPs by standing near them.

Once a certain amount of Reinforcements are depleted, enemies cannot respawn and must fend for themselves. If all CPs are captured at once, the game triggers a countdown timer of 20 seconds. If the enemy team does not capture a CP before the timer runs out, the controlling team wins the match automatically (regardless of Reinforcements).

Depending on the mission or server, games may include non-playable Hero characters to aid a team in combat. Although Heroes are faction-based (Mace Windu for the Republic, Count Dooku for the CIS, Luke Skywalker for the Rebels, and Darth Vader for the Empire), they play the same way. They are invincible (but can be knocked away from some attacks) and attack at close range with their lightsabers.

Galactic Conquest

A turn-based strategy mode where two players (one Human and one A.I.) attempt to dominate the galaxy using a particular faction by taking complete control of all six contested planets and then destroying the enemy base in their home planet (Kamino for the Republic, Geonosis for the CIS, Hoth for the Rebels, and Endor for the Empire).

During each turn, the Attacking player (either the winner of the previous battle or, in the first turn, the Human player) selects which contested/enemy planet to attack. Then, both players choose a Planetary Bonus from a planet they completely control. The match then plays as normal, with each Planetary Bonus giving the team a special bonus (such as sabotaged enemy vehicles or the use of a Jedi Hero). The winner of the match claims that battlefront of the planet and then becomes the Attacking player. Each of the six planets have two battlefronts to conquer before a team can completely control it.

After winning four battles, the player performs a unique ability that can either claim a contested/enemy planet as their own (Republic/Rebels) or remove a contested/enemy planet from the game (CIS/Empire).


  • Attack of the Clones (Republic) - Republic starts off with Kashyyyk. CIS starts off with all others.
  • Revenge of the Sith (CIS) - CIS starts off with Rhen Var. Republic starts off with all others.
  • Birth of the Rebellion (Rebels) - Rebels start off with Yavin 4. Empire starts off with all others.
  • Dark Side Rising (Empire) - Empire starts off with Bespin. Rebels start off with all others.
  • The Clone Wars (unlockable, Republic/CIS) - Republic starts off with Tatooine and Yavin 4. CIS starts off with Bespin and Rhen Var.
  • Balance of the Force (unlockable, Republic/CIS) - Republic starts off with Bespin and Kashyyyk, CIS starts off with Naboo and Rhen Var.
  • The Galactic Civil War (unlockable, Rebels/Empire) - Rebels start off with Rhen Var and Yavin 4. Empire starts off with Kashyyk and Naboo.
  • A Galaxy Divided (unlockable, Rebels/Empire) - Rebels start off with Bespin and Yavin 4. Empire starts off with Kashyyyk and Tatooine.

Planets & Bonuses

  • Bespin (Sabotage) - The enemy team's vehicles start off damaged.
  • Kashyyyk (Reinforcements) - The team gains additional Troops.
  • Naboo (Bacta Tanks) - The team gains health regeneration.
  • Rhen Var (Orbital Sensors) - The enemy team's Map cannot detect Units.
  • Tatooine (Jedi Hero) - The team's Jedi hero joins the battle.
  • Yavin 4 (Elite Training) - The team gains increased accuracy.


Each of the four factions share the same class archetypes, each with their own range of weaponry and utility. Each faction has their own unique properties of each class (such as different weaponry for each faction's Pilot). All general classes carry a semi-automatic infinite-ammo rechargeable Blaster Pistol for self-defense, while most also carry explosive Thermal Detonators (3 by default).

  • The Soldier class excels at general front-line combat. They carry a fully-automatic Blaster Rifle suitable for both close-ranged and medium-ranged combat, and additional grenades (with all Soldiers carrying Concussion Grenades that sacrifice damage for knockdown, 2 by default).
  • The Assault class excels at anti-vehicular combat from a distance. They carry a Missile Launcher (which inflict tremendous damage against enemy armor and can lock-on to enemy vehicles) and four Mines (which explode in proximity, allowing them to create explosive traps).
  • The Pilot class, while not reliably skilled at general combat, excels in supportive roles (namely vehicular and turret repair and dispensing resources). While their main weapon can vary by faction (including grenade launchers and shotguns), their focus is in their gadgets: a short-ranged infinite-ammo Fusion Cutter for repairs and five Health and Ammo Dispensers to drop (similar to those dropped by fallen enemies). They are the only general class to not carry Thermal Detonators, and are the only class that automatically repair vehicles as they drive.
  • The Sniper class excels at anti-infantry combat from a distance. They carry a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle (which inflict tremendous critical hit damage on headshots) and a single Recon Droid for scouting areas safely (which is remotely-controlled, leaving the Sniper defenseless, and can both fire blaster shots and sacrifice itself for a small orbital bombardment).

Each faction also has a Special class to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and weaponry.

Clone Wars

Galactic Republic

  • Clone Trooper (soldier) - Rather than Thermal Detonators, they take more effective EMP Grenades (as their enemy faction is droid-based).
  • Arc Trooper (assault) - Their Missile Launcher can fire two missiles before reloading.
  • Clone Pilot (pilot) - Their primary weapon is the DN Bolt Caster, an infinite-ammo weapon that, after a charge, dispenses a blast of lightning at all nearby enemies in its path.
  • Clone Sharpshooter (sniper)
  • Jet Trooper (special) - Can use their Jetpack to glide in the air. Their weapons include a multi-shot EMP Launcher (which explodes on impact and is shot like a rocket launcher), a more powerful pistol (the Commando Pistol), and three additional Thermal Detonators.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Super Battle Droid (soldier) - Unlike other Soldier classes, Super Battle Droids have their own unique weapon set: A Wrist Blaster (functioning similarly to Blaster Rifles), a Tri-Shot (functioning similarly to Blaster Pistols, although it fires three shots at once), and Wrist Rockets (which are shot like rockets). They do not carry Thermal Detonators. Replaced by the standard Battle Droid in the first two missions of the Clone Wars campaign.
  • Assault Droid (assault) - Known as Droid Demolitions in the first two missions of the Clone Wars campaign.
  • Droid Pilot (pilot) - Their primary weapon is the Radiation Launcher, which can either explode on impact or, if charged, exploding after a short time.
  • Droid Sniper (sniper) - Their Sniper Rifle has an additional level of zoom magnification.
  • Droideka (special) - Unique in its form and function, Droidekas have infinite-ammo Repeating Blasters that are powerful against infantry and have a Shield Emitter that grants a barrier around them (giving them temporary invincibility until the shield gauge depletes, either over time or by enemy gunfire). While slow and bulky, it can travel quickly around the battlefield by rolling up into a ball (with no offense nor defense). They do not carry Thermal Detonators.

Galactic Civil War

Rebel Alliance

  • Rebel Soldier (soldier) - They carry an additional Concussion Grenade.
  • Rebel Vanguard (assault) - Their Missile Launcher is unique as it can only fire in bursts of two.
  • Rebel Pilot (pilot) - Their primary weapon is the Blast Cannon, a slower close-range blaster that fires five pellets like a shotgun.
  • Rebel Marksman (sniper) - Their Sniper Rifle has an additional level of zoom magnification.
  • Wookiee Smuggler (special) - Sacrifices movement speed for increased health. Their weapons include a Bowcaster for anti-infantry (which can be charged to fire up to six additional bolts in a horizontal line), a multi-shot Grenade Launcher for anti-armor, and three Time Bombs (which despite its ten-second timer and the fact that it can be defused by being shot, deals a large amount of anti-armor damage). They do not carry Thermal Detonators.

Galactic Empire

  • Stormtrooper (soldier) - They carry an additional Thermal Detonator.
  • Shock Trooper (assault)
  • Imperial Pilot (pilot) - Their primary weapon is the Mortar Launcher, which can either explode on impact or, if charged, exploding after a short time.
  • Scout Trooper (sniper)
  • Dark Trooper (special) - (Blast Cannon, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator) - Can use their Jumpack to perform an incredible leap. Their primary weapon is the Blaster Cannon, a slower close-range blaster that fires five pellets like a shotgun, while their secondary weapon is the standard Blaster Pistol. They also carry an additional Thermal Detonator.


The base game includes 16 maps, spanned across 10 different planets. An additional map was added in some versions post-release, bringing the total to 17.

  • Bespin - Cloud City, Platforms
  • Endor - Bunker (Galactic Civil War only)
  • Geonosis - Spire (Clone Wars only)
  • Hoth - Echo Base (Galactic Civil War only)
  • Kamino - Tipoca City (Clone Wars only)
  • Kashyyyk - Docks, Islands
  • Naboo - Plains, Theed
  • Rhen Var - Citadel, Harbor
  • Tatooine - Dune Sea, Mos Eisley, Jabba's Palace (added in some versions as a post-release update)
  • Yavin 4 - Arena, Temple


Clone Wars

  • The Battle of Naboo (CIS, Naboo: Plains) - Only enemies are Gungans.
  • Rebellion on Theed (CIS, Naboo: Theed) - Only enemies are Royal Guards.
  • Aggressive Negotiations (CIS, Kashyyyk: Islands) - Only enemies are Wookiees.
  • The Battle of Geonosis (Republic, Geonosis: Spire)
  • The Assault on Kamino (Republic, Kamino: Tipoca City)
  • Mountaintop Defenses (Republic, Rhen Var: Harbor)
  • The Battle of Kashyyyk (Republic, Kashyyyk: Docks)

Galactic Civil War

  • Desert Extermination (Empire, Tatooine: Dune Sea)
  • Siege of Mos Eisley (Empire, Tatooine: Mos Eisley)
  • Sabotage at Rhen Var (Empire, Rhen Var: Citadel)
  • Assault on Yavin 4 (Empire, Yavin 4: Arena)
  • The Fall of Yavin 4 (Rebels, Yavin 4: Temple)
  • The Battle of Hoth (Rebels, Hoth: Echo Base)
  • The Liberation of Cloud City (Rebels, Bespin: Cloud City)
  • Battle in the Clouds (Rebels, Bespin: Platforms)
  • The Battle of Endor (Rebels, Endor: Bunker)