Ultima Online: The Second Age

Ultima Online: The Second Age is the first expansion for Ultima Online.

New land mass with cities and dungeons.

Bullfrog - A small amphibian which is found in swamps and jungles.
Frost Spider - Large spiders which tend to attack in numbers.
Giant Ice Serpent - Large snakes that have strong melee attacks.
Giant Toad - A larger version of the Bullfrog.
Ice Snake - Simply a snake found in cold climates.
Lava Lizard - Fire-breathing alligators.
Nightmare - Evil black horses that can shoot fireballs.
Forest Ostard - A forest dwelling creature which is peacefull and can be tamed and ridden.
Destert Ostard - Similar to the Ostard, but is found in the desert.
Frenzied Ostard - An evil version of the above two which has a very fast melee attack.

Cyclopian Warrior - Incredibly strong one-eyed monsters.
Frost Troll - Slightly stronger than a normal troll.
Ice Elemental - Radiates extreme cold which damages even at a distance.
Ice Fiend - Strong Daemon-like creatures which radiate cold.
Imp - A spellcasting version of the mongbat.
Mummy - Yet another medium strength undead creature.
Ophidian Apprentice Mage - Low level lizard mages.
Ophidian Avenger - The strongest of the Ophidian fighters.
Ophidian Enforcer - A medium strength Ophidian fighter.
Ophidian Justicar -
Ophidian Knight-Errant - Second only to the Ophidian Avenger in melee attacks.
Ophidian Matriarch - The Queen of the Opidians. She has a dangerous melee attack an extremely potent mage to boot.
Ophidian Shaman - A high level Ophidian mage.
Ophidian Warrior - The most basic of the Ophidian fighters.
Ophidian Zealot -
Snow Elemental - Radiates the same damaging cold as the Ice Elemental, but it also has a medium level magical attack.
Stone Gargoyle - A gargoyle which has traded brawn for brains. Strong melee, no magic.
Stone Harpy - A beefed up Harpy.
Swamp Tentacle - A corpser that can move.
Terathan Avenger - A strong Terathan warrior which can also cast spells.
Terathan Drone - The easiest of the Terathans. Not much to worry about.
Terathan Matriarch - The counterpart to the Ophidian Matriarch, only slightly less dangerous.
Terathan Warrior - The bulk of the Terathan forces. Warriors are competent melee fighters.
Titan - A spellcasting Cyclops.
Wyvern - A weak Dragon which relies on melee attacks.