Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow is the successful expansion to Rainbow Six 3. Multiplayer updates like "Retrieval" mode and split screen co-operative play help distinguish Black Arrow from its predecessors.


Black Arrow's online multiplayer was very popular during its time in the spotlight. Fans of the original Rainbow Six 3 did not need to worry about the sequel changing the simple and satisfying formula. It is because of this that the expansion Black Arrow was not critically acclaimed as its predecessor. However, that did not deter new gamers from flocking to the series. Clan match functionality and new multiplayer modes were thought of icing on the cake by true fans of the series. Others viewed these add-ons as too simple and rushed. Black Arrow's core fanbase was more than pleased and newcomers were introduced to a great modern military shooter.

The most popular multiplayer game mode was Team Survival.  This mode pitted the Red team against the Green team, giving each player only one life and no respawns. The game supported the standard 16 players, however a full 16 player server made the action a bit too frenetic for some. In Black Arrow, a 12 player server was the sweet spot for most maps and game modes. The most popular maps included Cafe, Airport, Back Alleys, Garage, Killhouse, Office Complex, Presidio, and Subway. Some hosts preferred to cycle through these maps occasionally to switch up the gameplay experience. The beauty of Black Arrow was the re-playability of the maps. Game rounds were very satisfying and the maps stayed fresh when playing with skilled friends and opponents. Voice chat aided in communication and teamwork, and hosts would often kick players without microphones.

The two main strategies on many maps were rushing straight to the opponent's base, or finding a good defensive position to camp in. Thankfully the maps were generally small to medium in size and hosts refrained from setting long round times. A good host who booted disruptive players and disabled game options that complicated gameplay added to the experience.


The original Rainbow Six 3 had a glitch called "Open Leaning." This created an invisible wall in front of the player every time he / she leaned. Thankfully, Black Arrow did not have this glitch, but there were still ways to escape the geometry of a map and shoot players from long distances.
The most popular gun of choice was the G3A3 or other guns with similar attributes. Experienced players would journey off and use new weapons but a majority of players will usually stick with their favorite automatic rifle. Asking players what the best gun to use, they would generally respond with these, AK47, M16, FAMAS, G3A3, and MP5.

Popular secondary weapons included grenades or remote mines. Grenades are vital for both offensive and defensive tactics, while a  more experienced player could use a remote mine to create a tactical advantage. Grenades in Black Arrow can be cooked forever, until release. This adds another layer of control to the game.

Recently, the Rainbow Six series has drastically changed its presentation by adding new gameplay mechanics. While these changes have drawn in many new gamers to the series, many would prefer a return to the roots of previous games in the franchise.

Multiplayer Maps

 Moroccan Kesba
 Ferry Boat
 Nuclear Reactor
 Old Ruins

 Village (Free)
 Lockdown Boot Camp (Free)
 Winter Lodge
 Office Complex
 Pumping Station
 Winter Base
 Harbour Warehouse
 Back Alleys
 Military Base
 Rocket Facility
 Streets of Milan
 Winter Lodge

Weapons and Equipment

  MAC 11/9
 MAC 11/9 (Secondary: shorter clip)
 SR-2 (Secondary: shorter scope)
  M203 Grenade Launcher
 M203 CS (teargas grenade launcher)
 M203 Smoke Grenade Launcher
  Flashbang Grenade
 Frag Grenade
 M34WP Grenade
  Smoke Grenade
 Tear Gas Grenade
 Breaching Charge
 Claymore Mine
 Remote Mine
  Gas Mask