Who Shot Johnny Rock?

FMV-based game, originally released as a laserdisc light-gun shooter for arcades in 1991. It was ported to many home systems at the height of the FMV fad.


Johnny Rock, a popular singer at a night club set in 1920's Chicago has been murdered. You play the game as a private detective hired to solve this crime. Throughout the game you will encounter four different gangsters tracing back to Johnny Rock named Mumps, Measles, Lockjaw Lil, and Smallpox.


  • Mark Voltura as Johnny Rock
  • Andrea Camarena-Lindsay as Red
  • Radha Delamarter as Trixie
  • Sandra Pitts as Lockjaw Lil'
  • Curtis Plagge as Measels
  • Richard Breeding as Mumps
  • Bruce Watson as Smallpox
  • Tim Nelson as the Doctor
  • Carol Eason as the Mortician
  • Jason Sulber as the small person in the baby carriage
  • Kylene Wing-Phelan as the mother pushing the carriage
  • Margaret Durkin as the drunk in the pool hall
  • Herb Robbins as Police Officer #1
  • Doyle Hart Sr. as Police Officer #2
  • Henry Towels as the Telegram Delivery Boy
  • Jim Pattison as the voice of the dectective