Metal Slug Anthology

Blast your way through jungle infested, nazi-esque worlds in this compilation of the Metal Slug franchise. Includes every arcade Metal Slug game, which makes this game Metal Slug 6's Western debut.


Metal Slug Anthology is a compilation of all of the arcade Metal Slug games. It also contains extras, such as character artwork, a music player, and wallpapers.

List of Games

Port Quality  

Metal Slug 1-5 and X are unaltered ports of the AES games, and Metal Slug 6 is a straight port from the Atomiswave. There are load times when transferring between areas.

Special Features 

Metal Slug Anthology contains Unique special features and extras. The included features are: 
  •  An Example of some of the art work in the Gallery 
     An Example of some of the art work in the Gallery 
    An art Gallery Featuring Art from Metal Slug 1 - 6, and X.
  • Sound Gallery, featuring music from all Metal Slug games.*
  • Wallpapers for the PSP system.**
  • Interviews with the game developers, presented as text.
  • The ability to change the game options, including difficulty and number of lives. 

*On the PSP version you are able to export the tracks to a memory stick, as a Atrac3 format with proper track names and album tags.
**Only available on the PSP version.