Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a total conversion modification (Now available as a standalone game) of Quake III Arena, employing elements emblematic of tactical shooters while emphasizing team-based strategy.


The enemy stalks to rooftops in 'Kingdom'
The enemy stalks to rooftops in 'Kingdom'
Usually abbreviated as UrT or UR, Urban Terror is a total conversion mod which stems from id Software's Quake III Arena. Developed by FrozenSand, LLC, (formerly Silicon Ice Development) Urban Terror was originally intended as a map pack for Quake III Arena, but quickly expanded to become a total conversion, introducing team-based and tactical shooter elements as well as realistic environments and maps. Urban Terror Beta 1 was released on August 5th, 2000 at QuakeCon. Its focus on realism and team-driven gameplay inspired a great deal of interest, allowing the development team to quickly expand while including community mappers into the staff. The development team released updates to the game with relative frequency, Beta 2 being released June, 2001. Urban Terror's development ended with version 3.7 in the summer of 2004. While the Silicon Ice Development planned to release a completely new version of Urban Terror, with the aim to raise the game to commercial levels, this project was eventually ceased. Finally, with the availability of the Quake 3 engine as open-source software, Urban Terror version 4 was released in spring 2007, winning the "Mod of the Year" award from game modifications site Mod DB.

Urban Terror 4.1 is free of charge, having previously required Quake III Arena in order to install and play. Understanding that the game is free, FrozenSand nonetheless retains the rights to the game making modification and selling of Urban Terror unauthorized. 

An active Urban Terror community still exists, with competitive leagues and clans operating today. 

Part of this community consists of different custom maps. Some maps, like icy jumps or woot jumps, are maps that test your jumping skills rather than your shooting skills. They consist of the following skills: jumping, circling, powersliding, and grabbing ledges.

You can play in the game modes of Free for All (FFA, DM), Team Deathmatch (TDM), Team Survivor (TS), Capture the Flag (CTF), Capture and Hold (CAH, C&H), Follow the Leader (FTL), and Bomb Mode (BM).
Look out for clans as well because if you are good you could join a pro team.

Gameplay Features

Man down
Man down


When players take damage there is a chance that the player will begin to bleed. Players must take the time to heal, or be healed by another player so that they do not die from blood loss. Depending on what part of the body is bleeding, they player maybe be penalized with slower movement. If the player is equipped with a med-kit, they can heal teammates back to 80% of full health. Without a med-kit, only 40% of a teammates health can be restored. Players can choose the color of their bandages.

Wall Jumping

Players can press jump while touching a vertical surface to perform a wall jump. 


When you are hurt you can heal yourself by pressing q (or the button you set as heal)
You can also choose to have a health pac as one of your items, which will allow you to heal other people on your team to full health.

Power Sliding

After gaining speed via sprinting or strafe jumping, the player can hold the crouch key as he touches the ground to perform a 'Power Slide'.

Grabbing Ledges

If a ledge is in reach after the player has jumped, the player can hold the forward key to pull themselves up.


Circling is used only when playing on the icy jumps maps. This technique requires you to make an arch so that you can go faster

Downloading new Maps

When you try to join a map that you have never been to it will ask you to download the map then press enter.
After you tell it to download then you will have to wait but it will be worth it.

Icy Jumps

Icy Jumps 5
Icy Jumps 5
These are servers that you play at for jumping skill not for shooting.  You have to get as far as possible on these levels.  You will use some of the techniques that you learned previously in this review such as circling and power sliding.
There are three Icy Jump servers out at this moment put out by the clan |KSA|


This game consists of a total of 13 guns and a knife.
1. H&K G36
2. Kalashnikov AK103
3. ZM LR300 ML
4. H&K 69
5. H&K PSG-1
6. Remington SR8
7. IMI Negev
8. M4A1
9. Franchi Spas-12
10. H&K Mp5K
11. H&K Ump45
12. Beretta 92G
13. .50 Desert Eagle
14. FN-P90 (due out in 4.2)
15. Benelli M4 Tactical (due out in 4.2)

Original Maps

The game Urban Terror comes with a list of 28 official maps. This is a list of all of the maps that come with the downloaded game.
1. Abbey
2. Abbey CTF
3. Algiers
4. Austria
5. Casa
6. Crossing
7. Dressing Room
8. Eagle
9. Elgin - Industrial Terror
10. Firing Range
11. Kingdom
12. Mandolin
13. Mayan Standoff
14. Oildepot
15. Prague
16. Ramelle
17. Riyadh
18. Sanctuary
19. Snoppis
20. Terror in the Suburbs
21. The Bath
22. Thingley
23. Tombs
24. Toxic
25. Tunis
26. Turnpike Terror
27. Uptown
28. Ambush