Runescape Classic

The original version of the web-based Java MMORPG Runescape released in 2001. Was later succeeded by the new version of Runescape in 2004. The game was shut down on August 6th, 2018.

This game was originally a game developed by Andrew Gower called DeviousMUD. However, a year after, he had rewritten the game and released it as Runescape.
Runescape Classic (also known as RS Classic, RSC, RS1, and just Runescape back in the day) is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.) There are dozens of quests and a huge game world that you can explore, and there are always things to do to keep you busy. When the current version of Runescape (also known as Runescape 2) came out in 2004, the game was kept open to all new players for a number of years. 
This game used the Runetek 2 game engine, developed by Jagex. Subsequent versions of Runetek were used in the current version of Runescape.
However, due to the rise in botting on Runescape Classic, Jagex implemented a number of updates.