As Explodemon, a robot with a compulsion to blow up, fight off an invasion by evil aliens called the Vortex.


In this new Curve Studios platformer, players take control of Explodemon, a robot with the power to blow himself up. The player must navigate through the levels and use Explodemon's unique ability in order to perform a variety of tasks that will allow him to move onward: destroy enemies and/or objects, throw himself through the air and solving environmental puzzles.
The developers have described the game as:

"a loving parody of badly translated action games and everything that they embody"



The game is available for purchase through the PlayStation Network

Comparisons to 'Splosion Man 

While observers may notice quite a few similarities between the two games; both being puzzle-platformers with an exploding main character, Explodemon! has actually been in development for years before  'Splosion Man, and coincidentally, both games were announced on the very same day: April 1st, 2009.