Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss

Stygian Abyss is the eighth expansion pack for Ultima Online.

New Playable Race: Gargoyles

Players may now create gargoyle characters as members of the Gargoyle Race.

  • Gargoyles are unable to ride mounts.
  • Some locations in Ter Mur and the Stygian Abyss Dungeon are only reachable via flight.
    • When flying, gargoyles move at mounted speed.
  • Gargoyles cannot wear Leather/Plate/Chain/Studded armor, only new Gargoyle Armors.
  • Gargoyles cannot equip most weapons (War Fork, Katana, Staff, etc.)
  • Gargoyles cannot learn Archery or use bows.
    • Gargoyles instead use the long-ranged skill Throwing.
  • Berserk - In situations of great danger, a Gargoyle's natural ferocity will take over, granting speed and power at the cost of defenses.
  • Master Artisan - A strong cultural emphasis on art and craftsmanship grants the Gargoyles an increased chance to imbue, enhance, and unravel magical items.
  • Deadly Aim - All Gargoyles are trained from childhood in the skill of Throwing, giving them a basic competence with missile weapons.
  • Mystic Insight - Gargoyles have an intuitive understanding of Mysticism, allowing them to cast basic Mysticism spells without further training. 

New Game Client

Stygian Abyss Client

  • Redesigned and improved isometric 3D client built upon the Kingdom Reborn client's tech, with a combination of KR and the old classic 2D graphics.

New Skills

  •  Imbuing - A new crafting skill that allows players to manage the properties added on a crafted weapon or armor piece. This will also include the ability to harvest magical properties from existing items.
  •  Mysticism - A Gargoyle form of spell casting complete with it's own set of spells.
    • First Circle

      Nether Bolt

      - Fires a bolt of nether energy at the Target, dealing chaos damage.

      Healing Stone -

      Conjures a Healing Stone that will instantly heal the Caster when used.
    • Second Circle
      - Purge Magic - Attempts to remove a beneficial ward from the Target, chosen randomly.

      Enchant -

      Temporarily enchants a weapon with a hit spell effect chosen by the Caster.
    • Third Circle
       - Sleep - Puts the Target into a temporary Sleep state. In this state, a Slept Target will be unable to attack or cast spells, and will move at a much slower speed.

      Eagle Strike -

      Conjures a magical eagle that assaults the Target with its talons, dealing energy damage.
    • Fourth Circle
      Animated Weapon - Conjures and animates a weapon that selects a Target to attack based off its combat strength and proximity.

      Stone Form -

      Infuses the Caster with the essence of solid stone, giving a bonus to physical attacks and damage resistance, but reducing the Caster's movement, spell casting, and attack speed.
    • Fifth Circle
      Spell Trigger - Allows the Caster to store a Mysticism spell in a Spell Stone. When the Caster uses the Spell Stone, the stored spell is instantly cast.
      Mass Sleep - Puts one or more Targets within a radius around the Target's Location into a temporary Sleep state. 
    • Sixth Circle
      Cleansing Winds - Soothing winds attempt to neutralize poisons, lift curses, and heal a valid Target.
      Bombard - Hurls a magical boulder at the Target, dealing physical damage.  
    • Seventh Circle
      Spell Plague - Inflicts a terrible curse on one or more Targets in its area of effect. Each time a Spell Plagued Target hits with a harmful attack or spell, the Target may suffer a backlash of fire damage.
      Hail Storm - Summons a storm of hailstones that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing cold damage. 
    • Eighth Circle

      Nether Cyclone -

      Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina.
      Rising Colossus - Summons a colossal stone titan that selects a Target to attack based off its intelligence and proximity. 
  •  Throwing - A new ranged weapon skill utilizing throwing weapons and consumes no ammunition. Can only be learned by Gargoyles.
    • There are 3 throwing weapons: Boomerang, Cyclone and Soul Glaive.

New Features

  •  Basket Weaving - A new sub-skill that allows tinkers to create colored baskets.
  •  Staining - A new system that allows gardeners, cooks and alchemists to turn player-grown plants into special dyes.
  •  Custom Carpets - Complete a quest to gain access to a carpet vendor.
  •  Battle Chicken Breeding - Raise the perfect chicken and send them into battle.
  •  Snake Charming - Using specially made instruments, command serpents to do your bidding.
  •  Pet Resurrection Changes - NPC's can now raise dead pets for a fee.
  •  Scroll Binder - Combine power, stat and transcendence scrolls into more powerful ones.
  • Gargoyle Architecture - Nine new housing tile sets showing off the style of Gargoyles.

  • 41 New Creature Types