NBA Jam Extreme

The first in a series of post-Midway NBA Jam games, NBA Jam Extreme brings the arcade-action series to 3D.


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NBA Jam Extreme is a 3D 2-on-2 arcade basketball game developed and released by Acclaim for arcades (using PS1-based Sony ZN-1 hardware) in 1996.

The first game in the series to be developed by Acclaim themselves (who previously published the home versions of the original two games) after they gained exclusive rights to the name, NBA Jam Extreme brings the fast-paced gameplay to 3D (adding dynamic camera angles and new motion-captured animations) while adding a new announcer (longtime sports broadcaster Marv Albert), a new button (the "Extreme" button, essentially a juiced-up version of the Turbo button), and numerous secret features and hidden characters. It uses the 1996-97 NBA season roster.

The game was later ported by Sculptured to the Sony PlayStation (in October 31, 1996), Sega Saturn (in November 30, 1996), and PC (in January 31, 1997), updating the roster for late-1996.