Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Those darn worms are at it again! Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a 3D Worms games, including crazy single player missions, chaotic 4-player action and classic weapons!


Worms Ultimate Mayhem is a turn-based action game developed and published by Team17 Software for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.



Let out all your rage on 3D technology!
Let out all your rage on 3D technology!
  • A heap of single player content, including challenges and missions with fully voiced FMV cutscenes.
  • 4-player multiplayer online or offline, with multiple game modes.
  • Ranked matches and Steam Leaderboards. Ultimate Mayhem also includes the ability to save and share randomly generated levels.
  • Worms customization including hats, voices and their gravestone.
  • Completely insane weapons such as Flood, Fatkin Strike. Classic weapons like the Sheep, Baseball Bat and the Soul-Exploding Banana Bomb make their return.
  • A new weapon creation system allows you to fiddle with various weapon components to create your own destructive weapon to surprise your friends!