Shank 2

Shank 2 is a fast hitting, brutal 2D brawler with combo-based fighting, an updated combat system and online co-op and multiplayer to the 2010 predecessor.


A hack-and-slash platforming game with online co-op, Shank 2 sees the return of the titular Shank in this downloadable sequel to 2010's Shank, created by Jamie Cheng and his team at Klei Entertainment. With new weapons, smoother animation and greater use of the surrounding environment to kill enemies, players guide Shank on another quest for vengeance.


Shank makes his way into a South American country, looking for Linda, the woman who raised him in an orphanage in the country he left behind. Unfortunately, he arrives just in time to find the country in civil upheaval. Shank's ex-girlfriend Carina begs him to join the resistance movement against the country's new leader, Magnus. She claims he was elected to help the country drive out the illegal cartels, but instead used his wealth and his army to take over their functions.

Magnus heart is becoming weaker by the day, and the closest match for a transplant happens to be the woman that Shank is looking for. When his orphanage is burned down and Linda is taken prisoner, Shank finds himself forced to cut a path through Magnus' army with Carina in order to save Linda and perhaps liberate the country.


Though you can only play as Shank for most of the game (with the exception of one level for Carina) you can unlock additional characters to use in the story mode or the "Survival" co-op mode. There are 16 unlockable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and using the same sets of weapons. With the exception of regular Shank, all of these have to be unlocked one way or another.

CharacterHow to UnlockStats
Shank (red-shirt)Unlocked at start+10% Health
CorinaUnlocked at "Human Cargo" level in Campaign mode.+10% Health
FalconeBeat Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty+25% Health
25% discount on Tequila
-50% Bomb Disarm speed
-50% Partner Revive speed
BubblesStay alive for 15 straight waves in Survival mode+30% Ranged damage
30% discount on shop weapons
-30% Heavy damage
-20% Health
Shank (Classic)Kill a goon by throwing a bomber at him.+100% Shank damage
+25% Grapple damage
-30% Pickup damage
KatsKill at least 100 enemies with a grenade (total)+20% Grapple damage
+25% Pickup damage
+15% Health
+25% cost for all shop items
DefenderKill at least 100 enemies with a turret (total)+50% Disarm speed
20% discount on shop weapons
20% discount on turrets
-25% Shank damage
-50% Ranged damage
ChopsPerform 60 pistol counter-kills (total)+20% Health
25% discount on Tequila
+50% partner revive speed
-20% Shank damage
-20% Heavy damage
-15% Ranged damage
JuniorKill at least 50 enemies with a fire trap (total)+30% Disarm speed
+25% Pickup damage
-30% Grapple damage
SunshinePurchase one item in Survival Mode+50% Shank damage
+15% Heavy damage
+25% Grapple damage
-25% Ranged damage
-30% Health
HoboBeat all waves on any Survival map+50% Pickup damage
+15% Health
+10% Grapple damage
+50% cost for all items
RexBeat Campaign Mode on Normal Difficulty+50% Grapple damage
+10% Shank damage
-10% Heavy damage
-10% Ranged damage
RinPerform at least 20 bat counter-kills (total).+20% Ranged Damage
20% discount on War Boars, Decoys
-20% Health
-25% Heavy damage
BoogieBuy at least one of everything in Survival mode (per match)+10% Ranged damage
+15% Shank damage
-10% Health
-30% Grapple damage
HorrorReach a Zombie wave at least once on each Survival map+50% Heavy damage
-30% Ranged damage
+100% cost for War Boars, Decoys
CesarFind the kitchen sink in "The Last Resort" and kill someone with it.+20% Shank damage
+20% Heavy damage
+15% Ranged damage
-20% Health


Default Weapon:

  • Knives: Whatever weapons you choose, Shank and Carina both carry a pair of small knives by default to shank any enemies at close range.

Primary Weapons:


  • Machetes: A pair of large machetes, not as damaging as other weapons, but capable of cutting quickly through smaller enemies. Shank starts out with this weapon.
  • Chainsaw: Shank's classic friend from the first game. Slower swings but much higher damage, especially against bigger and fatter enemies. The chainsaw is acquired after saving a hostage in the first level.
  • Sledgehammer: A very slow weapon, but capable of smashing through shields and knocking even heavy enemies back. Shank acquires this weapon in the last level.


  • Sword: A fast-swinging sword that does pretty good damage.
  • Scythe: A large scythe, slower than the sword but does a ton of knock back even on heavier enemies.

Secondary Weapons:


  • Throwing Knives: Shank uses these to stick enemies from afar, and can even charge up to increase their effectiveness. Shank starts out with these.
  • Pistols: Useful for juggling enemies in the air or simply hitting explosive objects from a safe distance. Shank picks these up in the second level.
  • Shotgun: A very slow-firing weapon, but with incredible stopping power capable of blowing most enemies back. Shank gets this weapon upon saving a hostage from cannibals.


  • Revolver: A classic .38 S&W that does high damage and stun.
  • Uzis: A pair of fast-firing Uzi sub-machine guns for those who want to cover the area in bullets quickly.

Munitions (Thrown Weapons):

Note: these have limited ammo that can only be replenished at crate drops in the levels, but cause an explosion that damages enemies in a small area-of-effect. These are the same for Shank and Carina.

  • Grenades: Pop the pin and throw them at the enemy. Explodes on impact for massive damage.
  • Proximity Mines: Not as damaging as the others, but useful for setting up traps and combos with enemies.
  • Molotov Cocktails: Smaller AoE compared to Grenades, but still very damaging and leaves a small pillar of flame that will set enemies on fire for a short period of time.

Dropped Weapons:

  • Baseball Bat
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Frying Pan
  • Lead Pipe
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Large Fish
  • Large Bone
  • Giant Spear
  • Harpoon
  • Torch (also sets enemies on fire on hit)
  • Giant Axe
  • Shovel
  • Crutch
  • Shield (can also block some incoming attacks)
  • Incendiary Grenade Launcher (max 15 shots).

Hardware Requirements (PC):

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) running at 2.4GHz or greater; AMD Athlon 64 (or equivalent) running at 2.4GHz or greater
  • Memory: 1.5 GB or greater
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 6800 Ultra (256MB) or ATI Radeon X1950 PRO (256MB) or greater
  • Sound: 100% DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
  • DirectX: DirectX June 2010