Eldevin has hundreds of hours of content and features 14 gathering and crafting professions and several thousand items.


Eldevin is a free-to-play, browser based MMO developed by Hunted Cow Studios. The gameplay is similar to games like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, with a strong focus on PvE and PvP. The massive game world is set in the Eldevin Kingdom, a once peaceful land that has been corrupted by the discovery of the Elemental Spheres, ancient artefacts that hold great power. Tristan, the Emperor of the Infernal Empire, has pledged to utilize the power of the Elemental Spheres to conquer the Eldevin Kingdom.


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Eldevin features a class-less combat system that allows players to learn over 100 unique abilities in melee, archery and magic. Complimenting these abilities are 6 talent trees which will improve the power of your abilities. The 6 talent trees are:

  • Melee: Warrior & Templars
  • Ranged: Rangers & Assassins
  • Spell Casting: Prophets & Mages

So a player can learn as many abilities as they'd like, then augment those abilities by investing points in the talent trees. For example, a player may learn the Cleave melee ability, but also learn the Incinerate magic ability. They may then put points into the Warrior talent tree to increase the power of their Cleave, but also put some points into Mage, resulting in a melee/mage hybrid character. The specific benefits of talents are ability improvements such as better mana regeneration, increased armor effectiveness, and higher damage.

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The action is similar to most MMOs. Players assign skills to action slots, and highlight enemies with their mouse before pressing their skill buttons. The camera is more of an isometric view, like Diablo or League of Legends.


In Eldevin, each character wakes up in the Void, a confusing, dark place with warped features. Characters have no memory of how they arrived there, nor do they remember their own identity. The first quest of the game has characters escape the Void and return to the Eldevin Kingdom, where they begin meeting combat trainers who hint that they may have been a powerful person in the past.

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Soon, characters meet the Prince of Eldevin City, who helps them to remember more of their past. Each character was a great soldier in the King's army, and were present at one of the Battles of the Dragons. The dragons were guardians of the magical scepters that control the six elements (Blood, Dark, Light, Air, Nature, Fire). The king of Eldevin placed all of the scepters together, but their powers when combined were too great for this world, which resulted in the Void being opened, sucking in and trapping the King and many of his elite soldiers, including yourself.

General Tristan, formerly loyal to the King, managed to avoid being trapped in the Void, and has now sought to use the powers of the scepters for world domination. The Prince of Eldevin is trying to rescue the elite soldiers from the void and help them regain their memory, to rebuild the Eldevin army, and also find the whereabouts of the King.