Viking Ghost

A dual-joystick action-adventure game with upgrades and procedurally-generated levels. It is the debut project from Dead Alien Cult, an indie studio whose members have worked on many Sony-published games.


Viking Ghost is an action-adventure game with RPG and rogue-like elements, planned for release on PC, Mac, and Linux. It is the first game to be developed by indie studio Dead Alien Cult, which was founded by two ex-SuperBot Entertainment employees, and includes developers who have worked on God of War III, Warhawk, and other Sony-published games.

The game uses multiple camera angles, and twin stick control in the style of Smash TV. The player can acquire various ranged and melee weapons, while also spending experience points to level up. Though it has the upgrades and procedurally-generated levels of The Binding of Isaac or Spelunky, death is not permanent on the default difficulty level, and the developers describe the game as "story driven and comical".