Martial arts MMO based in a wuxia-inspired fantasy world.


Swordsman is a martial-arts MMO based on the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong (also known as Swordsman by Louis Cha). The plot centers around ten martial art schools who fight to seize dominance in ancient China. First released in mainland China June of 2013, it entered open beta for North America and Europe on the 3rd of July 2014. It uses the Angelica III engine, and has typical MMORPG gameplay, but instead of choosing a class you choose which school of martial arts you want to use.



Buddhist Monks who uses cudgels as weapons.

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Taoist Disciples of Wudang Mountain using Claymores.

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Fast and elegant with the Longsword.

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Buddhist Disciples, uses Twin Rapiers.

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Assassins using Long and Short Sword.

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Sun and Moon Cult

A cult dual-wielding swords.

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Five Venoms

Uses Whip and poison.


Taoist Disciples using a fan as weapon.

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House Tong

Long range class using traps and firearms.

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Taoist Support Disciples using a staff.

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Note: Some Schools have gender restrictions. Shaolin only admits male, while Five Venoms is female only.


While you find the usual open MMO brawl paired with some instanced areas, Swordsman leans more heavily into story than most MMOs. There are occasional cutscenes and CG movies, making it more like a singleplayer game at times. You also often end up in a small story-instances called "Scenarios", in order to make it more cinematic and important for your character.

There are also acrobatic sections and QTE, making it look and feel more like the wuxia-style it tries to emulate, while also making your character seem more powerful. Combat also looks nice and fluid, and can be done in three different ways.

You also gradually receive various movement skills. Double and triple jumps, dodging, gliding etc.