Worms W.M.D

Team17 celebrated the 21st anniversary of Worms by releasing a new Worms game.


Worms W.M.D is a turn-based action game developed and published by Team17 for Mac, PC, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.


The base gameplay in Worms W.M.D is like earlier entries in the series, such as Worms Armageddon. Players control a team of several worms in an attempt to kill the worms of the opposing players.

Players control one worm on the team in a single turn. That player has a set amount of time to complete their turn before it moves on to the next player.

New Additions

One of the new buildings that can be entered
One of the new buildings that can be entered

While the base of the game is similar to past games in the series, Worms W.M.D also features new additions.

Worms W.M.D introduces vehicles such as tanks and helicopters to the series. These vehicles will help players traverse the stage faster, provide more firepower, and give the worm more protection from weapons.

Another new element to the series in Worms W.M.D is buildings. There are buildings that can be entered on the maps. These buildings will provide players protection from weapons and a place to hide.

Also included in Worms W.M.D are mounted weapons spread across the maps. These guns will do more damage than a typical gun, but will have to be used in place.

Pre-Order Bonus

Team17 offered what it called "Worms W.M.D All-Stars content". This content pack contains skins and other cosmetic items based on these games:

Worms W.M.D All Stars DLC Banner
Worms W.M.D All Stars DLC Banner