Marvel's Spider-Man

An Insomniac game exclusively for PlayStation 4 where Spider-Man strives to stop Mister Negative's terrorist plot against the city of New York.


Marvel's Spider-Man is a 2018 third-person open-world action game exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4. It was developed by Insomniac Games: also known for another open-world superhero franchise, inFamous. The game sees Peter Parker in his mid-20s, working for Dr. Otto Octavius as a research assistant in a private laboratory in downtown Manhattan while also helping his Aunt May with her homeless shelter organization. His most recent adventure begins with the appearance of a new villain, Mr. Negative, and his masked criminal gang known as the Demons.

The game takes advantage of Spider-Man's quick web-based traversal, acrobatic combat style, and a propensity for high-tech gadgets that Parker makes out of left-over lab equipment and mail order components. The combat system is a combination of chain attacks, gadget use, and spatial awareness (assisted by Spider-Man's "Spidey Sense" prognostic ability), all of which are enhanced further with player-determined upgrades and those unlocked by story progress. Spider-Man can also unlock and wear alternative costumes, some of which relevant to the story but many others inspired by comic book arcs and other Spider-Man media.