Vs. Collection

A compilation of four multiplayer games for two-to-four players.


Vs. Collection is a Super Famicom game that features four modes that allows players and AI to fight each other in a number of different venues. Each mode is wholly distinct from one another, and spans a breadth of different genres. Each can also support a different number of human players, with the rest either controlled by AI or turned off.

The game's four modes are as follows:

  • A egg-shifting match-up puzzle mode that resembles the Magical Drop games. This game supports up to three players.
  • A real-time strategy combat mode represented as a snowball fight where players move multiple units around at once and need to use careful timing to take out their opponent's forces first. Resembles North & South. This game only supports two players.
  • A Mode 7-enhanced racing game that includes jumping over obstacles. Resembles F-Zero or Super Mario Kart. A four player game, though only two human players can play at once. There's also a single-player practice mode.
  • A single-screen brawling game that vaguely resembles Joust, where the goal is to knock opponents off the bottom of the screen. Supports up to four human players.