Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia is the third game in Namco's series of JRPGs, originally released in the US as "Tales of Destiny II" for the PlayStation.

Tales of Eternia is the third mothership title in the long running Tales action RPG series that was developed by Wolf Team and published by Namco for the PlayStation in 2000. Namco retitled Eternia to "Tales of Destiny II" when the game was released in North Amercia in 2001, which should not be confused with the actual Tales of Destiny 2 for the PlayStation 2. A port for PlayStation Portable was later released in 2005 in Japan which featured improved loading times and widescreen graphics. Ubisoft distributed an English version of the PSP port to Europe and Australia but it was never released in North America.


Tales of Eternia uses A-LMBS (Aggressive Linear Motion Battle System), a variant of the Tales series' Linear Motion Battle System.