Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is a cross-platform mobile multiplayer FPS game.

Guns of Boom (GoB) is a brand new cross-platform mobile multiplayer FPS game breathing life into the genre. A smart blend of Auto-fire & Aim-assist features provides unique and seamless experience when even first-time-ever players can enjoy playing the mobile FPS game, and at the same time experience blood-boiling action while laying on the couch or sitting in the office.

When players join the game for the first time, they instantly dive into non-stop real-time 4v4 PvP action that takes place on numerous maps, from cozy towns in Mexico to hazardous laboratories and typical rural farms (which in fact are secret military bases). Extensive arsenal comprises more than 50 weapons of all types: Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Machine Guns. All weapon types are truly adapted for mobile controls, easy-to-play-with, but still have their unique mechanics demanding player skills to surpass the opponents.

Guns of Boom also has dozens of various equipment: helmets, body armor, pants, each with unique perks such as increased movement speed, healing over time, and armor restoration for kills. On top of that, every part of equipment is customizable: players can brighten up their characters and make them unique with hundreds of various weapon skins and face masks. Guns of Boom introduces all the features that even a hardcore PC gamer would demand: grenades, medkits, chests, knives, headshots, sniper mode, etc.

By fighting in PvP, alone or with friends and clan mates, players progress from one league to another, unlocking even more complex weapons with freezing, poisoning or healing effects. To demonstrate their skills, players join leagues, complete daily tasks and take part in challenges getting new insignias, weapon skins and face masks for a distinctive look.