Joint Operations: Escalation

This is the expansion pack to the original Joint operations: typhoon rising game. It adds new vehicles and weapons to the game

While the base game, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, focused more on infantry and light vehicle combat, Escalation focuses on heavy vehicle combat. Main battle tanks are the most noticable addition to the game, with the Joint Operations forces running M1A1 Abrams up against the Rebels' T80. Attack helicopters like the AH-64 Apache and Ka-52 Alligator are also available. To counter the issue of infantry against heavy tanks, the FGM-148 Javelin, a guided anti-tank missile, makes an appearance as an engineer weapon, able to instantly destroy APCs and ignite tanks on fire. An assortment of new weapons are also added, along with the option of soft point, full metal jacket, or armor-piercing ammunition. Body armor is available, making otherwise extremely deadly soft point ammunition much less dangerous, and armor piercing ammunition much more effective.