Progress Quest

Progress Quest is an epic fantasy, real-time MMORPG catering to those who love RPGs but don't have the time to play them. The game boasts hundreds of spells, items, skills, and quests, all tied together with a story that encompasses the entirety of the human imagination.


Progress through great quests for greater rewards!
Progress through great quests for greater rewards!

Progress Quest is a parody RPG program that barely qualifies as a "game," as it requires little user input beyond the creation of a character and loading the game each time you want to play. The characters are distinguished from each other by the names of spells and abilities.

The game uses the six standard abbreviations for stats: STR, CON, DEX, INT, WIS, CHA. STR affects your ability to carry items. High strength allows your character to carry more items, which helps with leveling characters more quickly because they return to town to sell less often. The other stats don't clearly or explicitly affect the game in any significant way.

The game also features online servers which keep track of a player's "progress." In this way, players are able to compare themselves to other people who have also installed the game and made characters. It has ladders for both "Law Abiding" player and for "Cheaters."

The gameplay mostly consists of watching bars fill up, and reading the variety of text that is displayed. Quests appear to be automatically generated from a stock list of actions, items, and characters. Everything is automatic, freeing the player from the burden of actually pushing buttons to kill things.


The races in the game mock standard racial archetypes and are:


The classes, which also mock standard archetypes, are:

  • Ur-Paladin
  • Voodoo Princess
  • Robot Monk
  • Mu-Fu Monk
  • Mage Illusioner
  • Shiv-Knight
  • Inner Mason
  • Fighter/Organist
  • Puma Burglar
  • Runelore Master
  • Tongueblade
  • Hunter Strangler
  • Battle-Felon
  • Tickle-Mimic
  • Slow Poisoner
  • Bastard Lunatic
  • Lowling
  • Birdrider