Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

In this Action/Adventure/Platformer, Indy looks to find the pieces of the infernal machine before the Russians can rebuild it in their attempts to communicate with the Babylonian god, Marduk. Originally developed for the PC, the game was later ported to the N64 and the Game Boy Color.


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The game takes place in Babylon where Indiana Jones meets up with Sophia Hapgood. Meanwhile, the Russians are digging around in old Babylonian ruins. At the request of Sophia, Indy attempts to discover what they are searching for. He finds that they are looking for an "infernal machine" that can be used to converse with the ancient Babylonian god, Marduk. Of course, Indy intends to find it first. Unfortunately though, the machine is broken up into many pieces. Fortunately however, he stumbles upon a tablet that points to the locations of the various pieces. And thus, this is where the game begins.


The gameplay has many notable similarities to the Tomb Raider series. To begin with, Indy is constantly exploring throughout the game. He runs through canyons, fields, and valleys (among other places). During this exploration, he is jumping across chasms, exploring hidden passages, and fighting wild beasts. The fighting system can also be compared to that of the Tomb Raider franchise; players "lock on" to one enemy and then circle around, dodging attacks and returning attacking with a gun, a whip, or fists. Furthermore, there are numerous collectibles hidden in various places which Indy must climb, swim, crawl, and swing to get to. Some items are required finds, while others are bonuses that unlock various special features.

Nintendo 64 Version

From March 1999 to October 2000 a team of eight Factor 5 employees ported the PC version of the game onto Nintendo 64. This version contains numerous improvements such as new lighting, particle system and camera. The music system was changed to use sequenced midi music instead of the PC version's pre-recorded music files and some new compositions were composed by Chris Hülsbeck.

This version of the game only saw release in North America and was only available on the LucasArts online store and at Blockbuster.

Additional Information

Guybrush Threepwood can be unlocked as a playable character via cheats.
Guybrush Threepwood can be unlocked as a playable character via cheats.