Dota Underlords

An auto-battler game by Valve set in the Dota universe, adapted from the popular Dota 2 mod "Dota Auto Chess".


Dota Underlords is a free-to-play fantasy tile-based strategy game developed and digitally released by Valve for the PC, Mac, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices, on February 25, 2020. It was originally released as an Early Access title on June 20, 2019.

A spin-off of Dota 2 and based on the "Dota Auto Chess" mod by Drodo (who later made their own standalone game called Auto Chess: Origin) for Dota 2, the game combines the foundation of the "auto-battler" sub-genre (which Valve calls a "strategy battler") with the base game's characters, items, game engine, and atmosphere.

Players control an Underlord in the seedy "vertical city" of White Spire, and must outlast seven other Underlords by recruiting numerous Heroes with earned Gold and winning duels against each opponent at random. In each round, both players organize the placements of their crew of Heroes in secret (and can swap between them and those on their "bench") and then proceed to have them automatically battle (similar to units in real-time strategy games), with the defeated Underlord taking damage based on the winner's surviving units. In addition, players sometimes face waves of CPU-controlled units to earn bonus items that can aid them in fights.

The game features both online and offline multiplayer, with the former having cross-platform support and ranked matchmaking and the latter having four levels of AI difficulty. It also features a seasonal Battle Pass system and a new "Underlord" system (where players choose a persona with unique gameplay alterations).


Most of the Heroes from Dota 2 return, all of whom have unique stats (including health, damage, attacking speed, movement speed, attacking range, and resistance to physical and magical damage) and special abilities. During each match, these Heroes can be upgraded twice (once by having two additional Level 1 duplicates and again by having two additional Level 2 duplicates) to improve their stats and abilities.

Each Hero also has at least two "Alliance" Traits to them, granting them special bonuses based on how many unique units of that same Trait is on the playfield.

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