Super Squad

Test your skills on the intergalactic battlefield in an upcoming Multiplayer Online Shoot-‘Em-Up (MOSH)


Super Squad is a team-based Multiplayer Online Shoot-‘Em-Up (MOSH) developed by Bad Fox Studios for Windows PC. Players take control of Troopers - each with unique abilities - and work together with their Squad to achieve victory, crushing their opponents in the process.

Combining elements of different genres such as RTS and MOBA, Super Squad is played from an Aerial perspective and centres around Champion-like characters with different roles - Damage, Healer, Tank, and Support.


Super Squad's current gamemode - Missile Strike - pits two teams of five players against each other in a head-to-head battle for domination. Players select a Trooper to take into the match and work together with their team to launch two missiles at the enemy base, ensuring victory for themselves.

To launch a missile, a team must collect and hold ten launch keys from around the map. Once a team has ten keys, one of the missile silos will activate and begin a countdown. The team that successfully collected the keys must then protect the silo from the enemy team for two minutes. If any of the silo's power relays are still active at the end of the timer, the missile will launch.


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Troopers with the Damage role are great at bursting down opponent's Health.

  • Sarge (Military) - throws out explosive damage with his Cluster Grenade, and chases down the enemy in a flurry of bullets with Suppressive Fire.
  • Scorch (Military) - throws out a stationary turret which automatically shoots at enemies, and brings a fireball crashing down on the battlefield with Rain of Fire.
  • Xandark (SciFi) - launches a Poison Bomb which damages enemies over time, and teleports behind enemies to stab them in the back.
  • Crow (Pirate) - fires a powerful shot that knocks enemies back and briefly stuns them, and uses a Hookshot to move around the map.
  • Flintlock (Pirate) - throws out a vial of Mysterious Liquid that heals allies and stuns enemies, and spins into a flurry of knives that deal damage and apply a Damage over Time effect.
  • Tharlin (Fantasy) - dashes forwards leaving a trail of mines behind him with Minor Inconvience, and repositions around the map either alone or taking allies with him.


Troopers with the Healer role can sustain your Squad on the battlefield.

  • Florp (SciFi) - throws out a sticky grenade that heals allies and damages enemies with Splosion, and grants temporary lifesteal with Transfusion.


Troopers with the Tank role have the most Health in the game.

  • Fang (Military) - launches a Smoke Bomb which slows enemy Move Speed, and drags enemies towards him with Fetch.
  • Glorgan (SciFi) - uses a Rallying Call to buff allies Move Speed, and releases a pulse of explosive damage with Overcharge.
  • Skull Crusher (Pirate) - charges enemies and knocks them back with Anchors Away, and heals a percentage of damage taken with Reserves.


Troopers with the Support role help buff your Squad.

  • Nebular (SciFi) - creates an area which buffs ally's Damage and Defence with Psionic Wave, and buffs a single ally's Damage with Focus.