Ultraman Club 2: Kaettekita Ultraman Club

The sequel to Ultraman Club includes even more Ultraman variants and the various kaiju he fought on the TV shows in this turn-based RPG inspired by Final Fantasy.


Ultraman Club 2: Kaettekita Ultraman Club ("Ultraman Club 2: Return of Ultraman Club") is the sequel to Ultraman Club: Chikyuu Dakkan Sakusen and, like its predecessor, is a turn-based RPG that has Ultraman variants from different continuities unite together as a party. It was released exclusively on a Famicom cartridge, in contrast to the original Ultraman Club which was released on the Famicom Disk System in disk form. The Ultraman Club series would go on to have four more games.

The game is far more streamlined than most RPGs of its era: the player can only gain experience levels to become stronger, and cannot find or purchase new equipment. It also uses a password system to save progress, with the player returning to wherever they last heard a password upon the party's defeat.

The game was the first, or one of the earliest, games to be developed by eccentric game designer and musician Kenji Eno. He would find later success with the D franchise.