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A collection of Twitch based mini-games

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  • Randomish Races


    Randomish Races pay homage to the very successful marketing campaign known as dot races. Once played in front of thousands of fans in stadiums and arenas, the g...

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  • Stream Quest


    Stream Quest is a Twitch-chat controlled RPG designed for Streamers to run either alongside other games, during breaks of longer streams or along with their vie...

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  • Pikot


    Pikot is an interactive game that allows streamers to interact with their viewers on stream!

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  • That Coin Game


    A Twitch-based coin pusher game allowing viewers to play by typing commands in chat

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  • Ravenfall


    Ravenfall is a Twitch integrated idle game, allowing viewers to control a character in a 3D world.

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  • Chatteract


    Chatteract is a Twitch centric game that allows Streamers to play mini-games with and against their own Chat.

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  • Quiz Kit


    Quiz Kit is a Twitch game which allows broadcasters to make and manage their own live gameshows with their audience as the participants.

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  • Stream Dogfighter


    Stream Dogfighter is a dog-fighting space ship game for streamers. Streamers can enjoy hosting their own space battles with viewers joining in.

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  • Kukoro: Stream Chat Games


    Play a lot of Twitch chat minigames where all the viewers are highlighted having their own names, skins and individual actions.

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