Page 2: Platforms

Nintendo Switch


Nintendo's home console that can be turned into a portable device by removing it from its TV-dock. Launched worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Fuze Tomahawk F1


The Android-based Tomahawk F1 is built on Android and is aimed directly at the Chinese market.

Apple TV


The fourth-generation Apple TV adds an App Store, opening up the availability of third-party apps and games to a wider degree. The remote also has motion capabilities, opening it up as a game device.

Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that reacts to voice commands.

New Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo's "New 3DS" adds some additional control functionality and horsepower, allowing for some games that can only run on the new hardware, not on Nintendo's original 3DS.

Monon Color


Monon Color is a handheld console developed and released in China in 2014. Twenty games were released for it including Marvel and Dragon Ball.

Amazon Fire TV


Amazon is getting into the set-top box game with an Android-based device that launched alongside an optional game controller.

Xbox One


The Xbox One is Microsoft's third video game console. It was released on November 22nd 2013 in 13 countries.

PlayStation 4


PlayStation 4 is Sony's fourth home video game console, released on November 15, 2013 in North America, and November 29, 2013 in Europe. On November 10 2016, Sony released the Playstation 4 Pro, an updated version of the console targeting 4...



The Ouya is an Android-based device that hooks up to TVs and plays video games.