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2004-06-01 00:29 Features

This video shows for non-members during paid events.

What Next Generation Looked Like Back in 2004

2005-06-01 07:23 Trailers

Years ago, Digital Extremes gave us a glimpse into what might be possible on new hardware.

Reviews: Bad Company Review

2008-07-15 05:06 Reviews

Bad Company has satisfying explosions that make it a winner.

Giant Bomb at E3 2008: Day 03 or 04

2008-07-20 16:57 Events

Get a load of that dude on the drums. No, not that dude, the guy on the REAL drums.

Giant Bomb Tour

2008-07-20 07:31 Features

Jeff does a quick walk-thru of the featureset

Giant Bomb at E3 2008: Day 01

2008-07-21 10:06 Events

Giant Bomb lands on E3 with, what some might call, a boom?

Giant Bomb at E3 2008: Day 02

2008-07-22 13:16 Events

Things get a little...interesting as Nintendo and Sony hold their press conferences.

Giant Bomb at E3 2008: Day End

2008-07-23 12:07 Events

We close out E3 with an interview with Denis Dyack, some SOE and Star Wars.

How To Build A Bomb Ep.01

2008-07-25 02:48 Features

See how it all started, again, for the first time!

How To Build A Bomb Ep.02

2008-07-25 04:43 Features

How To Build A Bomb returns in this second installment.