Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Critical Hour is the fifth game in the Rainbow Six series. This entry is intended to take the series back to its tactical roots, which had been stripped away in the previous game to make the series more appealing to the mass market.

Rainbow Six Critical hour re-creates seven missions from the original Rainbow Six and and its sequel, Rogue Spear. The game uses the same engine as the previous game in the series, Rainbow Six: Lockdown. Long-time fans complained that Lockdown felt more like a generic run and gun FPS, rather than the tactical shooting the series was known for. Critical Hour was a direct response to those complaints and took the series back to its tactical roots.


John Clark, the director of Rainbow Six, is retiring and passing the torch to Domingo 'Ding' Chavez, one of Rainbow's team leaders (he's also John Clark's son-in-law). In his departure Clark reminisces about seven of the past missions he oversaw as director of Rainbow Six. During the game the player will take on these seven mission which are taken from previous games in the series.


Critical Hour returns the series to it roots by re-implementing a lot of the tactical elements that Lockdown scrapped. The series' signature planning mode returned, and weapon accuracy was affected by actions such as running, crouching, standing still, and firing while injured. The game also features more than 20 new and classic weapons.


Critical Hour supports 16 players and features 18 maps; a combination of all-new areas and returning locations from previous Rainbow Six games.