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Run for the Hills Silent Hill 2 - 08

2022-05-20 54:01 Features

This definitely is not the honeymoon suite that I thought we booked...

Voicemail Dump Truck 023

2022-05-19 27:08 Features

Furries are more than welcome onto the dump truck.

GrubbSnax 47: Silent Hill Rumors, The Last Of Us Remake, and More

2022-05-19 19:09 Features

Jeff Grubb lays out just how many Silent Hill games are supposedly in development.

Arcade Pit: Arcade Pit: Team Silent Hill Rumors vs. Team Trying Our Best

2022-05-18 34:01 Features

Jess and Chris Person (Highlight Reel) face off against David Galindo (Cook, Serve, Delicious!) and Victoria Tran (Community Director of Among Us) in a battle for retro gaming supremacy! Or at least... the battle for the title of Least Bad At Those Games!

ALBUMMER! 38: Imagine Dragons' Origins

2022-05-18 01:24

This week on Albummer we're listening to... damnit. Imagine Dragons? Ugh. At least you freaks who like to see us get tortured for sixty minutes are gonna have a good time.

Giant Bombcast 738: OG Daddy

2022-05-17 54:00 Giant Bombcast

We've got a boat load of news today! We talk about the titles getting added to PlayStation Plus, Jim Ryan's hot newsletters, and of course the Silent Hill leaks. We squeezed in some game talk with Teardown, Trek to Yomi, and Loot River as well!

Best of Giant Bomb: 216 - Crankin' It

2022-05-16 18:23 Best of Giant Bomb

I think we can all change. Just give us a chance!

Quick Look: Loot River

2022-05-15 35:18 Quick Looks

Magically move rafts down a river and gather light amounts of loot.

Unfinished: Dune: Spice Wars

2022-05-14 30:43 Unfinished

Fear is the mind killer, so are the giant worms!

Run for the Hills Silent Hill 2 - 07

2022-05-13 52:06 Features

Wife Guy checks into a hotel... but will he check out? Also, we beat some meat with friends.