A 2004 vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up featuring aircraft that can be transformed on-the-fly for different abilities.


Trizeal (stylized as TRIZEAL) is a 2D sci-fi vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up developed by Triangle Service and released by Taito for arcades (using DC-based Sega NAOMI hardware) exclusively in Japan in 2004.

The game is known for allowing the player to transform their aircraft on-the-fly using a dedicated button, changing their upgradable weaponry (including a standard wide-spreading shot, a powerful but narrow laser, and guided missiles).

It was first ported to the Sega Dreamcast on April 7, 2005, published exclusively in Japan by Triangle Service themselves. It was then ported to the PlayStation 2 as Shooting Love. Trizeal (released by Datam Polystar exclusively in Japan on April 20, 2006), featuring a new bonus game (Shooting Ginoukentei). It was also ported to mobile phones (via i-mode and Yahoo Mobile) on September 25, 2006.

An enhanced version of the game (under the name Trizeal Remix) was later included in the Xbox 360 compilation Shooting Love. 200X in Japan on February 19, 2009 (which itself was released worldwide digitally on April 21, 2015 and was re-released in Japan on December 19, 2013 as Shooting Love. Collection, bundled with Shooting Love. 10-Shuunen: XIIZEAL & ΔZEAL). This version was later ported to the PC, with a digital worldwide release (via Steam) by Degica on July 7, 2016.