A top-down action game that depicts a future sport similar to pinball.


Ballistix is a sci-fi future sports game developed by Martin Edmondson for the Amiga in 1989. The player is one of two partially robotic athletes that has to direct a ball into a goal via other balls fired at high speeds from the player's weapon. By hitting the play ball at the right angle with sufficient force, they can be knocked around the table into the opponent's goal. Likewise, the opponent is trying to do the same with the player's goal. The game supports up to two human players.

The game was converted to other home computers and the TurboGrafx-16 by Reflections Interactive (now Ubisoft Reflections). The home computer versions were published by Psygnosis (sometimes using their alternate name Psyclapse), while the TG16 version was published by Turbo Technologies and Coconuts Japan, in the US and Japan respectively.

Ballistix's cover art was designed by Melvyn Grant, an artist known for heavy metal covers. Along with Derek Riggs, he's responsible for many Iron Maiden album covers featuring Eddie, their mascot. Psygnosis would often bring in artists from other media to create their box art.