Rolling Thunder 3

A run-and-gun platformer and the sequel to the Genesis version of Rolling Thunder 2, only released in North America. Set during the events of Rolling Thunder 2, players follow agent "Jay" as he hunts down the second-in-command of GELDRA.


Rolling Thunder 3 is a sci-fi espionage-themed side-scrolling platformer-shooter developed by Namco (along with NOWPRO) and published by Namco for the Sega Genesis exclusively in North America on May 19, 1993.

A console-only sequel to the 1991 game Rolling Thunder 2, Rolling Thunder 3 is set in the same time period and stars "Rolling Thunder" secret agent "Jay" as he hunts down the GELDRA terrorist organization's second-in-command "Dread".

While the game removes the game timer and two-player multiplayer, it adds a revamped special weapon system and new vehicle sequences (one in a motorcycle and one in a personal watercraft). The game now uses a third button to fire Jay's special weapon which, like the Genesis version of Rolling Thunder 2, can switch based on the door entered. There are 9 special weapons in total, with the game switching to a close-ranged dagger once Jay runs out of ammo for that weapon, and players can choose a weapon to start each stage with.

Unlike the other two games in the series, Rolling Thunder 3 only received a limited North America release and was only included in one compilation: the Namco Museum Mini Player handheld console.