Hogs of War

War is being waged upon the continent of Saustralasia, join the fight for valuable swill in this turn-based tactics game.


Hogs of War is a turn-based strategy game that was released on both PC and PlayStation in 2000. The gameplay bears a significant resemblance to other turn based strategy games such as Worms. There are both single and multiplayer modes, where players can choose to take control of any one of seven different teams, across a variety of levels.

Characters in the game (as well as the narration), are voiced by Rik Mayall, the renowned British comedian.


The game's setting is the fictional area of Saustralasia, an island in the Pigsific Ocean. The object of the game is to acquire all of the territory on Saustralasia (it is split up into sections such as Hogshead and Arstria) in order to gain access to swill, a seemingly valuable commodity in the world at which the game is set. The game is inspired by the events and nations that were part of the First World War.


Uncle Ham's Hogs

Based upon the army of the United States of America, Uncle Ham's Hogs wear a light blue uniform.


A Russian-inspired team, dressed in uniforms of dark red. The name Piggystroika comes from the Russian word perestroika, which was used to describe the economic reforms undertaken in Russia under Gorbachev.


Clearly intended to be the German army, the name is derived from a pun on the German word sauerkraut, the Sow-A-Krauts team wear uniforms of grey.

Garlic Grunts

Based upon a stereotypically French army, the Garlic Grunts wear a dark blue uniform.

Sushi Swine

A team based upon the army of the Japanese, wearing bright yellow uniforms.

Tommy's Trotters

Wearing dark green uniforms, Tommy's Trotters are a team that is based upon the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), that was active during World War I.

Team Lard

A team, clad in dark purple, that feature in the final level of the single player campaign. They represent the developers of the game and can be unlocked by completing the final level, as a 'survival bonus', if all of the pigs in your team are alive at the end. In the Playstation version, Team Lard could be unlocked by entering the cheat code 'MARDY PIGS' as your team name.