Firewind is a horizontal scrolling shooter set in space, released for DOS in 1996. It is not related to the Greek metal band.


Firewind is a Spanish developed horizontally scrolling shooter. The game was released throughout Europe for DOS in 1996.

Firewind is set in a futuristic setting. The game sets you against a force called the Dominators, who wish to end all life in the universe. Firewind gives you a choice of three ships to combat the dominators, each with differing attributes such as the ship's speed and the types of weapons it carries. The gameplay is derivative of other horizointal shmups such as R-Type, with waves of enemies coming towards the player as the screen scrolls automatically towards a boss at the end of each level. Enemies sometimes drop pickups which can be used to enhance your ship's abilities.

Firewind has a mission-based structure to its levels, allowing players the freedom to choose between different stages. Between missions, the player can also talk to various NPCs, who may have information regarding the threat the Dominators pose to the universe, as well as other incidental dialogue.