Assault Heroes 2

More vehicles, more weapons, and tougher enemies all help separate Assault Heroes 2 from its predecessor.


Assault Heroes 2 is a dual-joystick shooter developed by Wanako Games and published by Sierra Entertainment for the Xbox Live Arcade and PC platforms. It's a sequel to the 2006 game Assault Heroes.


All new space level
All new space level

Much like the first game you traverse the levels, shooting at your enemies while avoiding incoming fire.

Gameplay additions consists of both sea and space levels where you command a boat and space ship respectively.

You can now also temporarily commandeer an attack helicopter, an armored tank and a mechanical walker across the land levels.


Your arsenal consists of the same three main weapons as the first game, as well as the special pick-ups, plus an all-new ice cannon that can freeze your enemies.


The game has expanded into 30 areas this time around, split into six zones, all ending in boss fights.