Metal Slug 7

An over-the-top shooter, "Metal Slug 7" continues the classic franchise on the Nintendo DS.


Metal Slug 7 is a game for the Nintendo DS, developed and published by SNK Playmore. The game was released in Japan on July 17, 2008 and came out November 18, 2008 in the U.S. Metal Slug 7 is the first numbered game in the series not to be released in arcades. At Tokyo Game Show 2009 during Microsoft's keynote, a n Xbox Live Arcade port of Metal Slug 7 was announced for a winter release; in May 2010, an updated version of Metal Slug 7 ( Metal Slug XX) was released on the service.

The game has seven different missions to play, each one with its own set of vehicles and weapons.


The same cast of characters from Metal Slug 6 return in Metal Slug 7, each with their own specialty in battle. They include: 

  • Marco: Basic handgun deals more damage, can rapid fire Handgun shots with a button command.
  • Tarma: Slugs can take more damage, aim fixes while firing in a Slug. Can kick a Slug to randomly raise or lower its HP.
  • Fio: Gains 50% more ammo from weapon pickups, start each new life with Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Eri: Gains double ammo from grenade pickups, grenades can be aimed in eight directions.
  • Ralf: Can survive one non-environmental attack per life, special melee "Vulcan Punch," melee can damage vehicles, 50% less ammo from weapon pickups.
  • Clark: Special melee "Argentine Backbreaker" that grants temporary invincibility upon successful use. Has three lives per continue instead of two.


Metal Slug 7's vehicles include:

  • Slug Truck - A train-like machine that requires a separate cannon to be attached to it.
  • Slug Giant - The Slug Gigant is a giant robot. The vehicle has heavy firepower.

Game Modes

The game features Arcade Mode and Combat School. Arcade Mode can be started from any stage that the player has completed. The game's difficulty level determines how many continues that the player has at his or her disposal.
The Combat School features a variety of side-missions. Commanding officer Cynthia comments on the player's progress, gradually falling in love with the player as missions are completed.