Flyff - Fly For Fun

Flyff is a Free MMO developed by AeonSoft and released in 2004.


Fly for Fun or Flyff is a popular free MMORPG developed by Aeonsoft. Currently in its 11th version Flyff features:

  • Cash Shop for Micro-transactions
  • Peer vs Peer (PvP)
  • Free for all arenas
  • 120 levels 60 when completed Mastery
  • 4 Classes to choose from at Level 15 and a choice of 2 classes (depending on your class) when you reach level 60
  • Pets
  • In-game private shop


Level 1 Classes

Vagrant: A class for beginners with simple weapons and skills.

Level 15 Classes

  • Assist: Assists have a mix of both physical and melee attacks with buffs.
  • Mercenary: Mercenarys are very similar to vagrants with there use of melee weapons.
  • Magician: Magicians use 2 handed staffs or one handed wands, they are not as melee based as other classes.
  • Acrobat:: Acrobats are based in long ranged attacks with special abilites to use bows, or Yo-Yos.

Level 60 Classes


  • Ringmaster: A class detected to helping others with buffs and is more of a team class. Other builds for this class can make it into a fighting class but primary role is to heal
  • Billposter: Can have the buffs of a RM but is a fighter at heart. The builds for this class are all fighter related


  • Blade: Quick and duel wielding artist for the mercenary class. Most successful builds will try and tailor to speed and attack and less on tanking
  • Knight: Big swords/axes and heavy armor pave the way for this class. This class can handle the tanking but also the attack build if done correctly


  • Psykeeper: Mental spells are this classes specialty and can be one of the best classes to have during a boss monster fight. This class floats as well =D
  • Elementor: This classes attacks are based off the classes name; with elements. Good for hurting monster with elemental weaknesses and can be effective when leveling with an Assist/RM


  • Jester: Master of the Yo-Yo as it can deal dual damage to monster. Builds can be used for this class to use a bow but it's primary role is to use Yo-Yo's
  • Ranger: A bow and arrow master this class can deal damage at a safe range from monsters.

Level 130 Classes


  • Seraph: A pumped up healing/support class with even better heals and better buffs.


  • Forcemaster: A buffer class that improves attack, defense, and other attributes.


  • Slayer: Main DPS class of the game. Provides the most amount of damage output, unmatched by any other class.


  • Templar: Main Melee Tanker class. Has the ability to increase its defense rate ten-fold


  • Mentalist: Main Magic Tanker/DPS class. Uses defense based skills to demolish enemy defenses and debuff them.


  • Arcanist: Master of the Arcane. The Main AOE/Nuker class of the end game. Provides massive amounts of damage.


  • Harlequin: Another Melee DPS class, used mostly for traps.


  • Crackshooter: Uses a crossbow instead of a bow and arrow to demolish enemy fronts. Weak Defense grants it Slayer-like damage to any and all enemies.