Under Siege

Defend your kingdom and rise to glory in this fantasy-themed real-time strategy game from Seed Studios. "Gather your armies and fight!"


Under Siege is a PlayStation Network exclusive Real-Time Strategy title that will feature a single player campaign, and also multiplayer via online and co-op. There is also a level editor which allows to make and share maps, it being said that the campaign itself was made with said editor. Other features included are:

  • Controls designed with the DualShock/SIXAXIS controller in mind.
  • PlayStation Move Support
  • 4 players online
  • 2 players split screen
  • Video and voice chat in game and in the lobbies
  • XMB screenshot and custom music support
  • Video recording

Although a PSN release given the scale of this game it has been confirmed to have a full set of Trophies with a Platinum and all rather than a smaller number like most PSN releases.

Background Story

Of all the races in this world, humans are the only to have evolved to live in the cold and harsh mountains of the North. Settled in various places where the land is fertile enough to farm, they live both isolated from the rest of the world and each other. Different settlements limited themselves in interaction to trading and the occasional hunting party in the winter, whenever farming would no longer suffice to maintain each village. Each village trained a small number of individuals from each generation, usually trained by their fathers, the warriors of the previous one. These men were trained to keep frequent attacks by wild beasts and plunderers.

A day came when a blacksmith's son, named Ingvar, decided to unify the humans under a single banner. A great warrior, with a charismatic personality, he managed to convince the neighboring villages into building a fortified city, a place of peace, protected by a group of soldiers.

And so, the Citadel was born.

For the years that followed, more joined under Ingvar. With a promise of protection and prosperity, an exodus from far settlements to the Citadel occurred. But Ingvar’s view of the world changed, cutting off commerce with the outsiders reasoning they were bad influences on the people of the Citadel, and were conspiring to bring it down. Declaring villages that remained independent of the Citadel were enemies, he ordered an attack . Voicing an opinion against its rule or trying to leave the Citadel meant being swiftly dealt with.

"The growth of the kingdom continued on blood and ashes..."

Comic Book

First Encounter
First Encounter

Prior to the game's release, a comic book titled First Encounter was released. It sets up the story for Under Siege.


The Allied Forces of Under Siege include the following units.

  • Human Soldier: Fast melee unit. Capable of assuming a defensive stance that increases their ability to block enemy attacks. They can also taunt enemies into attacking them.
Human Soldier Class
Human Soldier Class
  • Human Archer: Basic ranged unit. Also able to provide first aid support to other units. Can fire a volley of fire arrows.
Human Archer Class
Human Archer Class
  • Human Gunner: Slow and powerful ranged unit. Splash damage combined with a mortar-like firing arc allow a carefully placed cannon to clear a lot a enemies from far away.
Human Heavy Cannon Class
Human Heavy Cannon Class
  • Makitu Trapper: Fragile unit capable of placing exploding devices on the ground. These can either cause damage or stun enemy units.
Makitu Trapper
Makitu Trapper
  • Makitu Stalker: Ranged unit that inflicts little immediate damage but slows down enemies they hit with their blow darts. They can also use poison darts for a damage over time effect.
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In the enemy ranks you'll find these units:

Grunt: Basic melee unit. Not especially strong but usually attack in big numbers. They are the mainstay of the invading army.
Stinger: Ranged unit that deals damage over time to their target using its corrosive spit.
Golem: Magic powered mechanic units that are slow but very strong and immune to stuns and poison.