1944: The Loop Master

The fifth game in the 194X series of shoot 'em ups, 1944 was developed by Eighting/Raizing and plays more like earlier games in the series.


1944: The Loop Master is a 2D historical-fantasy vertical-scrolling shoot-'em-up developed by Eighting/Raizing and released by Capcom for arcades (using their CP System II hardware) on June 20, 2000.

The fifth game in the 194X series and the sequel to 19XX: The War Against Destiny, 1944 puts players in control of either a P-38 Lightning (as player 1) or A6M Zero (as player 2) as they take on an entire army.

It is notable for being the first game in the series to not be developed by Capcom directly. It's also known for its use of a horizontal resolution (as all previous games used monitors in a vertical orientation) and for being the last arcade game in the series. It is also the first game in the series to allow endless "loops" of stages (as an option for arcade operators) for higher scores, hence the sub-title "The Loop Master".