Sol-Feace is a side-scrolling shooter that was a pack-in with the Sega CD. It was also released on the Sharp X68000 and Sega Genesis.


Sol-Feace was a launch title for the Sega CD in Japan, North America, and Europe. It was later released as Sol-Deace for the Genesis in North America only and as Sol-Feace for the Sharp X68000 in Japan. It was developed by Wolf Team and published by them for the Sega CD and Sharp X68000 in Japan, by Sega for the Sega CD in other regions and by Renovation Products for the Genesis.

The supercomputer GCS-WT is built to foster stability across humanity's vast and disparate cosmic empire, but goes rogue and establishes itself as emperor. A state-of-the-art starfighter devised by the rebellious Edwin Feace, the Sol-Feace, is humanity's last hope to regain their freedom.

Sol-Feace is strictly a horizonal shoot 'em up with seven stages total, and a power-up system that has players bolting on weapons to the top or bottom of the Sol-Feace craft to improve their firepower.