Shoot 1UP

Shoot 1UP is a unique shoot 'em up game created by Mommy's Best Games in which players control all of their ships at the same time.


Shoot 1UP is a vertical shooter that pays tribute to classic games from the genre while introducing the unique feature of having all of the player's ships on screen at once. Players start with a small squadron of ships, to which they can add additional ships to by picking up 1UPs. They can expand formation to spread fire for devastating effect, or contract to avoid enemies and their bullets.

Levels have branching paths. Occasionally, the player will get to a point where they can choose an easy or hard route. Players can also alter the difficulty by making firing and/or formation expanding automatic, and altering the speed of the game.

Shoot 1UP supports offline two-player co-op, offline scoreboards, optional single-button play, and giant women with robotic breasts.