Gang Garrison 2

Originally conceived for the 2008 'Bootleg Demake' competition, Gang Garrison 2 is a free multiplayer 'demake' of Valve's Team Fortress 2. Gang Garrison 2 presents the player with 9 unique classes to use in frenetic, cooperative multiplayer action in a stylish and unique 8-bit style.

About the Game

Gang Garrison 2 is a parody of  Valve's  Team Fortress 2. The game allows users to play as 9 different classes that mimic classes in TF2. The game is presented in an 8-bit style with 2D graphics. The game is free to download and play, and uses a GNU General Public License.  

8-bit Parody
8-bit Parody


 Two feuding, quasi-legal freelance security and espionage firms endlessly square off against each other in treacherous battlegrounds in an attempt to acquire each other's deepest secrets. A demake of a 3D game in 8-bit, side-scrolling style.


 Gang Garrison 2 is multiplayer only. Players are given a chance to create their own servers with several options to choose from including player limit, time limit, auto balancing, etc. Players can also join a game directly via IP address and port (similar to  Soldat) or join a lobby in which they can choose which game to join. They will then choose which team they want to be on (Red or Blue) and which class they will play as. Many options are available in game, including changing teams or classes. 


 There are 9 classes in Gang Garrison 2. They are detailed below as listed in the game's readme file. 
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The Runner 
Hit Points: 100 
Weapon: Scattergun (8 damage per shot, shoots 6 bullets)
Special Abilities: Double-Jump
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The Firebug 
Hit Points: 120 
Weapon: Flamethrower (90 damage per second) 
Special Abilities:  Airblast, Afterburn 
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Rocket Man 
Hit Points: 175 
Weapon: Rocket Launcher (55 damage per shot) 
Special Abilities: Rocket-Jump 
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Hit Points: 200 
Weapon: Chaingun (120 damage per second) 
Special Abilities: Manvich 
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Hit Points: 120 
Weapon: Minebomb (25-50 damage per mine) 
Special Abilities: Detonate Mines 
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Hit Points: 120  
Weapon: Needlegun (3 damage per shot) 
Special Abilities: Healing, Superburst, Needlegun 
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Hit Points: 120 
Weapon: Shotgun (6 damage per shot, shoots 4 bullets) 
Special Abilities: Autogun 
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Hit Points: 100 
Weapon: Revolver (25 damage per shot) 
Special Abilities: Cloak, Stab, Passive Invisibility 
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Hit Points: 120 
Weapon: Sniper Rifle (35 unscoped, 25-85 when scoped) 
Special Abilities: Charge, Scope-In


Gang Garrison 2 is supported by the community. All of its maps are created by supporters, and most of which are re-imagined  Team Fortress 2  maps. Utilities are available and linked below. The game is continually being updated by the community.


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