Atari 8Bit side-scroller action game.

Gigablast - The agressive Planet

This is the classic action side-scroller game created by Maik Heinzig, and published by mhs-Studio. 

Gigablast should actually become a trilogy. 
From there also the name additive “ the agressive planet”. For the second part “ the barricade” was planned and for the last part “the end – underwater”. 
With the last two parts it came however up to a plannig phase. Left is the short storie to all three parts and first diagramm-sketches.

Short info:

Gigablast is a futuristic shoot game. It plays on the planet Arxonis. 
The planet can only be left if all nine worlds are released.


You and other astronauts of the large alianz were sent together on the enemy planet Arxonis, in order to stop once and for all the damaging hustle of the Arxonier, with attacked lately more intergalactic transporters of the large alliance.

Each space pilot got a certain area on Arxonis assigned, which he has to rescue from the Arxoniern. 
You have the job to rescue the nine worlds of the north side from Arxonis. 
Don´t be however reckless, because the Arxonier holds all kinds of surprise ready for you. 
They distributed there rocket launchers, small-caliber bullets, parabolic reflectors and other shooting enemys on the planet.

The Arxonier himself will make your life difficult, because of there small and very fast space ships. 
But that´s not all, waves of meteors, battle ships and space trash were sent from the Arxonier. 
But fortunately it is you through modern technology possible to get some bonus articles. 
And if nothing helps, can you use a limited quantity of sphere bombs whitch “clean” the enymys out of your way. 
Remember if you get futher it gets more difficult and the sphere bombs become undeniable. 
Use it carefully! Since the three sphere bombs which you got from the weapon master of the mainship last not long.

Your five lives could be used up soon .Shoot up the approaching bonus balles, since they can stock up your weapon supplies. 
Remember that at the end of each level you have to came back to the base and fight a enemy.

Note: Don´t forget that you ship will wait only a certain time. 
So, hurry up.

Gigablast obtainable of Cassette (1991), Floppy Disc (1991) and Cartridge(1999). 
The Cartridge version is very rare ( prototype ).