EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious

Destiny of Velious is the seventh expansion to EverQuest II.


Destiny of Velious, the seventh expansion for EverQuest II, was announced by John Smedley at SOE's Fan Faire 2010. It entered closed beta in early January 2011, and was released in on February 22, 2011. Continuing the story of Sentinel's Fate, Destiny of Velious will feature the return of the continent of Velious and and the story of the twin Swords of Destiny.

Level Cap

The level cap for both adventuring and tradeskilling remains at 90, the same as it is in Sentinel's Fate.  The Alternate Achievement (AA) cap was increased from 250 to 300.   

New Playable Race

In December 2010, a new race, the Freeblood, were revealed.  This race, along with an icewolf mount and other rewards, will be available to all players who have an active EQ2 or EQ2X subscription on December 15th 2010, January 18th 2011, and who purchase the Destiny of Velious expansion by December 31st, 2011.  Players who did not have an active account on those days, or who who wish to have early access to the race may purchase the Freeblood Unlock item in the EQ2 Marketplace.

New Zones

Two new overland zones were introduced with Destiny of Velious. 

Great Divide

Great Divide is a zone for levels 86 - 90.   It starts with the Othmir in Fina's Retreat, and includes entrances to Thurgadin, City of the Coldain, as well as the dungeons in the Tower of the Frozen Shadow.  Great Divide is the first zone players in DoV will experience, and includes both Public Quests.

Eastern Wastes

A zone for level 90 characters.  Travel to it requires a flying mount. 

Public Quests

Battle of Storm Gorge

Held on even hours PST.  The Battle of Storm Gorge is a battle between players and NPC Coldain dwarfs against the forces of the Order of Rime.  Like every PQ, it scales according to the number of players. 

The Ring War

Ghostly remnants of the Coldain and Giants fight eternally in this PQ held on odd hours PST.  There is a griffon station right by the PQ, which mkes this PQ a bit more popular than Storm Gorge. 
Public Quests offer unique rewards, including multiple armor sets, a fabled chest piece, a fabled weapon, money, AA advancement, transmuting items, and more as rewards.  The fabled weapon and armor are considered to be rare drops. 
Both PQs have collection items which spawn once the PQ is over.  These act similarly to other shinies.


In Destiny of Velious, players may sell Cloudy Velium Jewels to Rune Seeker mechants for +500 faction with any faction that has a faction merchant.   Players may earn up to 2 Cloudy Velium Jewels per PQ every 18 hours, for a total of 4 every 18 hours.

Othmir of Velious

The Othmir offer a number of introductory quests in Velious, as well as daily faction missions in both Great Divide and Eastern Wastes. 

Snowfang Gnolls  

A group of gnolls suffering from starvation and the attacks of the undead.  They offer daily quests in the Great Divide.

The City of Thurgadin

The city of the Coldain Dwarves.  Thurgadin does not offer repeatable quests, and additional faction must be earned by selling Cloudy Velium Jewels.

Clan Ry'Gorr

An orc clan suffering from attacks by giants and ettins.  They offer daily quests in the Eastern Wastes, as well as access to a solo instance, the Crystalline Breaks, which is available once every 18 hours.

Iceclad Pirates

A faction for tradeskillers. 

Tizmak Clan

A clan of minotaurs in the Great Divide.   While they offer faction quests, they do not have a faction merchant.

The Order of Rime

Back from Rise of Kunark, the Order of Rime offer new quests and rewards to player who have maximum faction with them.   The Order oppose Thurgadin, and those who seek faction with one may lose it with the other. 

2010 SOE Las Vegas Fan Faire 

During the Fan Faire, a Q&A session was held to discuss the forthcoming seventh expansion to EverQuest II.  Several pieces of information were revealed during the event.


  • Over 300 new quests
  • 10 instanced dungeon zones
  • 2 overland zones, Great Divide and Eastern Wastes
  • 1 massive contested dungeon 
  • 6 raid instanced zones
  • 30 new creatures
  • Hundreds of new weapons and items
  • Faction choices similar to original EverQuest's Velious
  • No plans for a return of the Plane of Growth
  • Flying Mounts
  • 2 new Public Quests - Storm Gorge and Ring War Remnants, both in Great Divide.


  • The Ascent 
  • Forgotten Pools 
  • Kraytoks Fortress Spire 
  • Thurgadin