When an alien bacteria infects and takes over half the population of the Earth, the other half aren't going to go down without a fight. This online multiplayer shooter from 5th Cell depicts the war between the Variant alien-human hybrids and the Paladin, the remaining humans immune to the pathogen.


Hybrid is a sci-fi third person shooter. The player can choose between one of two warring factions in their bid for global domination. It is currently only available for the Xbox 360.


An asteroid has crashed on Earth killing billions of people. Six years later in the year 2031, two factions, the Variant and the Paladin, are at war. The Variant are a single-cell alien bacterium that was buried deep within the asteroid, and was released into Earth's atmosphere infecting half of the surviving humans. The Paladin are the humans who were immune to the bacteria.


The world is at war!
The world is at war!
Hybrid is a multiplayer only video game. The main hook is that unlike in similar games (such as Gears of War or Modern Warfare) players are unable to move freely around the environment. Players can either hide at predetermined cover points or can fly via jetpack to another predetermined point on the map. Once in the air the player can evade incoming fire or even change their destination.

The game takes place on a “single, unified world server” that supports thousands of players. The collective goal online is to try to take over territories and continents to achieve global domination. Like many FPS's the game features persistent character upgrades and unlocks, allowing you to access new weapons and upgrades as you play the game. .

Squads on Demand

The Warbringer
The Warbringer
"Squads on Demand" are bots that the players can summon to assist in combat. Bot points are earned from kills that are subsequently spent summoning these squads. The player can have up to three bot points at a time. The three types of squads that the player can choose from are:
  • The Stalker - A soldier that shadows the player, following them and attacking their targets.
  • The Warbringer - A large soldier that lays down suppressing fire with a heavy mounted machine gun.
  • The Preyon- A sword-wielding soldier that one-hit kills an enemy and then teleports away.