In the year 2219, there will be a wildly popular disc-based sport where gangs brutally fight and compete to score. The game is known as Blitz.


Deathrow combines brutal melee fighting with a basketball-like team sport of shooting a disc through a goal. Winning is accomplished by scoring the most goals in four timed rounds or knocking out all the players on the opposing team. Scoring involves throwing the disc through the opponent's goal. The game is not interrupted by scoring; instead players can immediately rebound and continue. Between rounds teams can substitute players with others from the bench, or pay to heal players. Players can be revived from KO, but if all 4 players are KO'd in one round, the game will end. The game offers up to 4 player split-screen or up to 8 player system-link, cooperative and competitive play and is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360.


2197:  In Los Angeles, Blitz - an extremely violent illegal sport - makes its first appearance. It is said to be a way for gangs to recruit new members.
2218:  Prime Network takes up the sport. It sets the rules and creates the BDA: Blitz Disc Association. Exhibition matches, with big prize money, are held. Show soon becomes a hit throughout the solar system.
2219:  The first official Blitz competition. After a bloody pre-selection process, fourteen teams are still in the running. They were picked for their drive for combat and sheer brutality. The cybernetic, genetic and chemical modifications made to the competitors promise a new levels of violence never before seen on TV. The credo of this new game is "As Simple As Pie".


Each player and team has attributes. These include:

  • Strength: distance the player can throw and amount of damage dealt with attacks.
  • Speed: player movement speed.
  • Health: amount of damage player can take before being knocked down and injured.
  • Toughness: how fast health regenerates.
  • Pass/Shoot: accuracy of shots when passing or shooting.
  • Catch/Intercept: ability to successfully receive a pass or grab opposing team's pass or shot. Determines a player's ability as goalie.
  • Fight: AI's fighting skill level.
  • Aggression: AI's tendency to initiate a fight or fight back.
  • Ego/Team Play: AI's play style of disc-hogging or working with his/her team.
  • Injury Markers: number of times a player can be injured before being KO'd.


Primary Teams

  • Blitzers - They are the official BDA team. They are rumored to come from forced training camps set up by the network. They are cyber-modified and drugged up to the eyeballs - all at the TV's expense - and they'll put on a show to slay all those TV junkies out there. 
    1. Starting players: Jano, Mack, Rhames, and Lenny.
    2. Buyable players: Bax, Kahn, Damon, Andy, Burns and Barret.
  • Sea Cats - A team consisting entirely of genetically altered women. Their legendary speed and precision shooting give them a clear advantage in the arena. 
    1. Starting players: Anna, Miko, Meraya, and Liza.
    2. Buyable players: Claws, Cathy, Gina, Xzara, Melie and Nelinna.
  • Protectors - A private militia, much prized by the celebrities of New Beverly Hills, have chosen their finest guards for this prestige team. Their sophisticated equipment make them a highly mobile team in the arena. They're dazzling victorious. They strike first, and they strike hard.
    1. Starting players: Cordo, Knox, Camro, and Dent.
    2. Burable players: Blane, Gordon, Blades, Paxton, Chase and Vegaz.
  • Convicts - A team consisting of the worst scum from the galaxy. They are the most hardened criminals sentenced to death for the most  abominable acts. The penitentiary governors lured them in with the false promise of freedom from victory. It's mainly for the sheer bloodlust for these prisoners why they enter the arena. For these guys it's either victory, or death. 
    1. Starting players: Alvarez, Zeke, Becker and Toro.
    2. Buyable players: Duke, Scar, The Gimp, Riddick, Reaper and Hector.

Secondary Teams

  • Crushers - A team that is made up of a group of miners that have some of the highest strength in the game. Crushers are miners whose metabolisms have been modified to withstand the extreme gravitational force on Saturn. The BDA noticed their colossal strength when they fought ruthless tournaments in the mining towns. It's now giving them a show at the gold mine. They're ultra-powerful and determined and they'll crush the bones of anyone who gets in their way.
    1. Starting players: Grubb, Stoner, McWry and Rutger.
    2. Buyable players: Ironside, Moralez, Ingram, Harsk, Iron Jaw and Rock.
  • Sandraiders - This team are victims of a political clean-up operation in the urban zones. They were thrown out of the towns onto vitrified wastelands. The extreme survival conditions have changed their metabolisms, making them stronger and more resilient. The BDA championship is their big chance to get their own back and avenge the honor of the wasteland tribes in blood.
    1. Starting players: Skink, Fixx, Wes, and Sallow.
    2. Buyable players: Rebecca, Max, Uma, Scorpio, Phipps and Snake.
  • Mercs - A team which are fighters who became undesirables in many sectors of the solar system. For them, the Championship is a chance to make up for their losses and put their special skills to good use. They're merciless and they don't give a damn about rules, regulations and the niceties of etiquette. Nothing will stop them in their runaway thrust for victory.
    1. Starting players: Gali, Craven, Webb and Bardo.
    2. Buyable players: Vorg, Gextur, Carbine, Tracer, Xylo and Cudo.
  • Nukeheads - This team comes from the lowest depths of L.A., where street Blitz is played illegally. They're as mean as they come, and so notorious that a lot of sponsors have shown an interest in their careers. The BDA snapped up the team for the championship to attract a new type of viewer.
    1. Starting players: Dave, Toby, Danno and Marco.
    2. Buyable players: Piper, Grinder, Babbit, Tyler, Shade and Alwa.
  • Sentinals - This team are combat drones. Their designers hope to persuade Congress to replace regular human armies with mechanical combatants. They're more reliable, more powerful and utterly soulless. Victory in the arena will prove the supremacy of machine over man. Mechanical beings feel no pity for anyone!
    1. Starting players: Alpha I, Nerox, Zolon and Scanner.
      1. Buyable players: Phantom, Vortex, Hazard, Spectre, Probe and Annihilator.
    • Marines - This team is made up of the human army's reply to its detractors - those who'd like to see congress replace human soldiers with combat drones. They're disciplined experts in combat and tough opponents. In the arena, they're out to prove that nothing can replace the Marines corps on the battlefield.
      1. Starting players: Pvt. Butch,Pvt. Rivera, Cpl. Spears and Cpl. Sam.
      2. Buyable players: Sgt. Jacs, Sgt. Priss, Lt. Bowman, Lt. Wedge, Cpt. Powell and Cpt. Jericho.
    • Disciples - This team are members of the Church of DNA-Ethics. They're on the lookout for the ultimate gene. For them, the human body is simply a huge experimental laboratory. Mutation by mutation, they try to reproduce the divine pattern and shift mankind into the Golden Age. Victory would prove the superiority of their evolutionary model, for the entire world to see on TV.
      1. Starting players: Mengar, Salvatore, Berengar and Nero Gui.
      2. Buyable players: Venantiou, Verimus, Varec, Trogg, Dimar and Martor.
    • Black Dragons - This highly trained team from a combat school remained unbeaten throughout the martial arts' tournaments. Now they turn their attention to the BDA. These weird warriors owe their power to the genetic inheritance of the illustrious masters they were implanted with by the Mitsutomo Corp. No-one can match them in combat, and their agility is awesome. They are aesthetes in the fine art of killing.
      1. Starting players: Chi-Ling, Woo-Ping, Hiroko, Koyama.
      2. Buyable players: Tanizaki, Miyuki, Otaki, Kishida, Shimura and Dragon..
    • Demons - The players in this team came out of nowhere and - incredibly enough - won a lot of matches against some of the best teams in the pre-selection league. Rumor has it, they are mutants bred in a corporate laboratory, especially made for the BDA. This could explain their ghoulish appearance and unquenchable thirst for blood.
      1. Starting players: Baron, Maahn, Taranto and Mefiast.
      2. Buyable players: Mierda, Draak, Kazui, Juba, Djaru and Basura.

      Unlockable Teams: These teams can not be used in Conquest

      • First Blitzers - The ultimate team, they are fast, powerful, and cohesive as a team. They disappeared for some years but have recently returned, even more dominate than before. They have to be unlocked to play in single match and cannot be used in conquest mode.
      1. Starting players: Thrasher, Dash, Comba and Cyclone.
      • Angels - In the final two years ago, the Angels where brutally slaughtered by the First Blitzers. The game was stopped in the second round and the First Blitzers won by Team KO. Two of the Angels' team members later died due to their severe injuries. This left the team crippled and morally beaten, and to make matters worse, their sponsors left them. With a huge debt to Chromelabs Inc for their cybernetic implants and body enhancements, the Angels have Become one of the most desperate and dangerous opponents out there. Today the Angels are still struggling to get back in the league to take revenge on the ones who killed their sisters. You have been selected for the Angels' first
        game in their struggle to achieve Blitz league status again.
      1. Starting players: Zink, Zechs, Missile and Angel.
    • Slashers - In the early years of the Blitz league, before corporate sponsoring and media involvement, there was a vicious team infamous for their brutality. With claws mounted to their hands, the Slashers rarely finished a match with any opponents left standing. Then came the legalization of the sport, and the Slashers where [sic] banned from the league when they refused to give up their weapons. Not many league teams accept the offer to fight the Slashers, knowing well it could be their last game ever. Now the offer is made to you. Are you strong enough to stand up to the ultimate fighting machines?
        1. Starting players: Edge, Tanto, Blades and Slash.