Orcs Must Die!

Robot Entertainment's first original game, this downloadable-only title charges the player to defend their fortress from an overwhelming force of orcs and other baddies. Put simply, Orcs. Must. Die! or the fortress will fall


Orcs Must Die! is a fantasy-themed Tower Defense game combined with a third person action game that was developed by Robot Entertainment. The game was initially released for the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade on October 5th, 2011 and on PC shortly after on October 11th, 2011.

In the game players take upon the role of the last remaining war mage must defend their fortress against a steady onslaught of orcs and other enemies, using either a mixture of hand-to-hand and ranged attacks or by setting up various traps to stem the tide of orcs and enemies and defend their fortress from the enemy onslaught.


The war mages are known to defend the rifts, preventing the plunderous orcs from entering it and destroying the world beyond. One of the greatest war mage died by slipping on stair, and it is up to his apprentice to take his role. The world is now doomed. However, the newly appointed guardian of the rift is now ready to defend the world, before it gets destroyed, in his own special way.


All hail the safety of the Rift!
All hail the safety of the Rift!

The gameplay of Orcs Must Die! combines a mixture of both third-person action and the trap setting and strategy into the combat of the game. The goal of each stage is for players as the War Mage to defend a Rift from the various waves of orc attacks. When the Rift Score reaches zero the Rift explodes and the stage is lost and each individual orc typically reduces the Rift Score by 1 although some of the specialised orcs will reduce it by 5 or 10 depending on the given enemy. If the player dies during battle they will respawn at the Rift but at the cost of precious Rift Points. The player can however stand next to the Rift to recharge their health and mana and various health / mana pickups are also dropped by slain enemies during combat.

Players can engage the various orcs and foes with either hand-to-hand combat using the War Mage's Bladestaff or using ranged combat with a Crossbow. Players may also make use of the War Mage's magic attacks which are mapped to various magical items which are unlocked as players progress throughout the game.

Players also get the chance to set up traps before the beginning of each wave (with the exception of the hardest difficulty where the next stage starts instantly) and during the wave itself. As is typically the case in the tower defence genre, players are given a strict budget of currency at the start of a stage, which they may use to set traps (each trap having its own corresponding cost) and players are granted more coins (with which more traps can be bought) by slaying orcs with head-shots and traps, defeating tougher opponents or at the stage of end of each wave.


While basic weapons don't cost any magic at all, other magical items cost magic for their own special abilities. Each weapon comes with a secondary attack.

  • Bladestaff - Allows player to attack monsters physically. Close range only
  • Crossbow - Long range weapon, the accuracy drops if arrows are shot contantly.
  • Wind Belt - Using power of wind, the player can push the monster but no damage is done when they are pushed. It is mainly used to push monsters into acid pit or lava pit.
  • Flame Bracer - Shoots fireball.
  • Ice Amulet - Freezes enemies.
  • Ring of Lighting - Cast chain lighting at enemies.
  • Vampiric Gauntlets - Drains the health from enemies and gives it to you. (DLC)
  • Alchemist Satchel - Bombs that let you detonate them when you want to. (DLC)


  • Spikes - Attacks monsters when monsters above it. It only damages if monsters have too much HP. Can only be placed on ground.
  • Tar - Floor Trap, slows down enemies
  • Arrow Wall - This attacks monsters when in range, can only be placed on the wall.
  • Boom Barrel - This has to be detonated by the player, by either shooting, or hitting it.
  • Archer Companion - Shoots arrows to enemies
  • Barricade - Blocks certain paths. However it can be damaged and the enemies can break through it
  • Spring Trap - Floor trap that shoots enemies.
  • Wall Blade - Wall trap that kills enemies instantly. Takes a while before it resets
  • Steam Trap - Floor trap that levitates enemies.
  • Push Trap - Wall Trap that pushes enemies to side
  • Pounder -Ceiling traps that pounds enemies when they walk below it. Has short range so it recommend to place on low ceiling
  • Sorcerous Brimstone - Burning brimstone that is place on floor, damages enemies but the burning effect will go away after if they manage to survive and walk away
  • Clockwork Mace - Ceiling traps that has giant mace swinging constantly.
  • Paladin Guardian - Attack any nearby enemies.
  • Decoy - Boom Barrel that attracts enemies. It will explodes after receiving certain amount of damage.
  • Sniper Autoballista - Ceiling traps that automatically attacks enemies
  • Grinder - Sucks in enemies that are within the range. It keeps on running until it gets jammed.
  • Spore Mushroom - The first enemy to go on it converts to your side but only works for one of them.
  • Coin Forge - Enemies that die on it drop more coins.
  • Shock Zapper - It is placed on the ceiling and shocks enemies under it. (DLC)
  • Floor Scorcher - It burns enemies who go in front of it. (DLC)


Weavers are upgrades that only last in each level. Each upgrade must be bought by using same coins used to buy traps

  • Steel Weaver - Specialize in trap upgrades, such as faster trap resets or giving special abilities to archers and paladins
  • Elemental Weaver - Specialize in player upgrade such as faster magic regeneration or double health
  • Knowledge Weaver - Combination of Steel and Elemental, the upgrades include bonus coins or extra defense.


  • Orc Warriors - Average enemies.
  • Kobold Runner - Does not attack, but runs straight to rift.
  • Crossbow Orc - Orc with crossbow, can attack player and guardians from far range.
  • Hellbat - Flying enemies, only way to kill them is to shoot them.
  • Gnoll Hunter - Does not run to rift, but run straight to player or any other guardians.
  • Ogre - Takes more hit that average Orc Warriors.
  • Fire Ogre - Ogre with high resistance to fire attacks.
  • Fire Babies - Flying enemies that can attack.
  • Kobold Sapper - Kobold Runners with bomb attached to them.
  • Frost Ogre - Type of ogre that is immune to ice
  • Hobgoblin Shaman - Revives any fallen monsters, including hunters and orgres. Either kill them first or kill the other by either freezing or burning them.
  • Armored Ogre - Has the highest defense.

PC System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: 2GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or ATI Radeon x1950 or better with 256MB VRAM
  • DirectX┬«: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 5 GB